Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Lakers waive DeMarcus Cousins and sign Markieff Morris on 2/23-NASA's Katherine Johnson dead-Italy and Coronavirus-Stock Market drops-Bridge symbolism

The Lakers waive DeMarcus Cousins and sign Markieff Morris on the 54th day of the year. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
So on..
Notice they picked up Markieff 175 days after his bday. 
He was bought out by the Detroit Pistons in order to be able to sign with the Lakers. 
Detroit Pistons=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175
He signed with the Lakers for $1.75 million. 

Markieff Morris=213(FB)
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
Los Angeles=213(FB)
LA in the 213 area code. 
The NBA Finals=213

Markieff Morris is also from Philadelphia and his TWIN brother plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. 
Marcus Morris=157
Kobe Bryant=157

They were drafted in 2011 as the 13th and 14th picks....then Kawhi Leonard was the 15th pick...how interesting. 
Plus the Kansas connection with 34...

Remember too the importance of Isaiah Thomas in 2017 being connected to Magic Johnsons and Isiah Thomas...the Piston player. 
Isaiah Thomas=175(FB)
Isiah Thomas=175
Houston Rockets=175
The year Isaih Thomas tore his achilles was when the Rockets won the NBA finals. 
Pope Francis=175

Markieff's bday of 9/2 is also fitting. 

Francis Bacon=157(FB)
Remember he was born on 1/22..the date important to Zion/Kobe/Pope/Raptors and so on...It's also the day Queen Victoria died that is important to Elizabeth. 

Further I think Isiah Thomas is important because his bday is 3 month 4 days after Kobe died...also 95 days. 
Los Angeles Lakers=95
He is also a former coach of FIU...where the bridge collapse happened in 2018....the bridge collapse that was connected to Kobe/Eagles/San Francisco...Bridge symbolism....

This is why we got the Stock Market down 1,000 points story today because of Coronavirus. Remember the day after Super Bowl 52 the major story was "Market Meltdown"....The Super Bowl was played at US BANK Stadium in the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash, which is why the Kneeling was so important that year. 
US Bank Stadium=88
A ton more...
Herbert Hoover...HH..88...remember he was born on 8/10 and signed the Star Spangled Banner into Congress as the official national anthem. 

It's also why we got this story about Italy being the most infected country of Coronavirus outside of Asia a few days ago too. 
Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy. 
Plus Italy is where the Vatican/Pope is. 
Vatican City was founded in 1929..the same year as the Stock Market Crash/Valentines Day Massacre...which is why they gave us Stoneman Douglas in 2018. 
Remember too on 8/14/2018 we got a Bridge collapse in Italy. 
It's also interesting that today we got the death of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson. Once again a Space theme....this just after Mike Hughes/Flat Earth guy dies...

NASA was established on the 210th day..7/29....which this year happens to be the day Tisha B'Av begins...

She worked at NASA for 35 years?
She also died 185 days before her bday. 

In light of Tisha B'Av and the film Hidden Figures...it's interesting that the actor who portrays her in the film was born on 9/11. 
Taraji P. Henson=201
Moon landing on the 201st day. 

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  1. I remembered another black mamba in Quentin Tarantino's kill bill. Uma Thurman plays an assassin. Her daughter in the movie was B.B., Kobe's daughter GiGi (G.G.)