Saturday, February 8, 2020

Kobe dies 4 months 1 day after Will Smith's bday-Chamberlain Heights-My old Wilt-Kobe video

I've been meaning to look at this, but just now thought of it again. The Legends of CHAMBERLAIN Heights show has Kobe dying in the helicopter crash. Kobe is mega important to Wilt Chamberlain as he scored 100 in a game and Kobe 81. They are both from Philadelphia and died in the LA area. Anyway in 2015 I made a video saying Wilt Chamberlain was like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, because he was from Philadelphia and died in Bel Air, California. His name WILton also reminds me of Will....
Will is playing basketball in the intro when he gets into a fight and has to move to Bel Air. 
Will Smith and Wilt Chamberlain also went to the same High School in Philadelphia...Overbrook. 

Wilt the Stilt=177
Will Smith=177(FB)
Remember this number was important around the Joker film stuff. 

Anyway notice how Will Smith's birthday was 4 months 1 day before Kobe died age 41. 
Kobe Bryant=41 
So on...
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air=123

Think how I've mentioned Will Smith in regards to Focus/Batman...
Think about the Will Smith football player who died in New Orleans....He died age 34...just before Kobe's final game in 2016. 
This is why Lil Wayne had the funeral album as a tribute to Kobe....Daryl Morey's tweet synced to China/Batman...Donald Trump in the Helicopter saying he was Batman..Shane McMahon in a helicopter crash the summer before Wrestlemania 34 held in New Orleans. 
The Rocks Father dying on McMahon's bday....Ronda Rousey synced to 34 with the Rock...Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin both reaching Rock Bottom...the story of Howard was 3 months 4 days before Howard's 34th bday. 

Chamberlain scored 100 and the rest of the team scored 69. 
Wilt Chamberlain=69

I'm sure there's more, but I'm too tired to look into it right now. 

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  1. I did some work on will smith and kobe connection. One of my YouTube vids