Thursday, February 6, 2020

Isaiah Thomas traded to Clippers-Kobe-Zion-Philadelphia-3rd Temple-Pope Francis-South Park-The number 201

The Clippers now have Isaiah Thomas? Remember how the Houston Rockets/Kings stuff is important to Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna dying in the Toyota Camry. It's how I knew this big narrative with DeMarcus Cousins/Dwight Howard was synced to Kobe Bryant. Then Kobe Bryant dies on the same day Cousins tore his achilles against the Rockets.....the Rockets important to CHINA...Coronavirus...
Marcus Morris=59
Houston Rockets=59
The Clippers important as well...Chris Paul's trade to Lakers on Howards bday..then goes to Clippers...then to will make sense in a second....Kawhi comes from Toronto...George leaves the Thunder where Paul now is...
Isaiah Thomas=201
Zach has been talking about 201 recently....he stayed in room 201 in New Orleans..then the Event 201 thing....remember how the New Orleans Pelicans are important to this narrative as well....Cousins tore his achilles as a Pelican...Anthony Davis the former Pelican...ZION Williamson.....
Think about the importance of Kobe to Philadelphia, which I have mentioned forever is important to Zion and the 3rd Temple...the black cube on the comcast center...Hulk Hogan/Summer Slam...which is why the Raptors won last year and Summer Slam was in Toronto on Tisha B'Av..

Plus Zion's Debut was  113 days before the anniversary of Israel declaring it's independence. 
Kobe Bryant=113
Remember Kobe was important to the bridge symbolism synced up to the Eagles winning Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota(Bridge collapse/81)....this was also important to Pope Francis turning 81 years old...81 days after the Jesuit anniversary....and just before the golden gate bridge turned 81 years old....8/18/18 was 8 months 1 day after Francis' 81st bday..
Kobe Bean Bryant=81
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=81
Golden Gate Bridge=81
The Golden Gate is where the Messiah returns through. 
 Pope Francis left America from Philadelphia on the jesuit anniversary. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201

I honestly think that's why Zion made his debut on 1/22 and shot 8/11...
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122 on 122W. 
Kobe's 81 point game on 1/22 against Toronto. 

Philadelphia comes from the book of Revelation...
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was Donald Trump's bday in 2016...
1189 chapters in the KJV...
Key of David=1189(Jewish)
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish)
Remember Michael Jordan also important to Philadelphia as the country Jordan's capital was Philadelphia until 106AD...then destroyed by earthquakes....
Zion is signed to Jordan Brand....his shoe blowout synced to Like Mike..
Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets who play in the Spectrum Center....Hulk Hogan got his revenge at the Spectrum in Philadelphia...

The 3rd Temple will be built for the Messianic era...

It's also interesting I am noticing this 201 days after the 201st day of the year haha. The Moon Landing happened on the 201st day of the year and remember that was important with the Falcon Heavy launch after Philadelphia won the Super Bowl. 
This year it will be the 51st year of the Moon landing...
So on...
Next year will be the 51st super bowl of the modern era. 

Neil Alden Armstrong=201
Also interesting in regards to Super Bowl 52 being held in Minneapolis...
Minnesota Vikings=201
Think how this next year it will be the 55th Super Bowl..
I can't think of them all right now...but...
Target Center=55

Charlotte Hornets=201

In regards to the Rockets too...think about the Space Force being established on 12/20/2019 too. 

New Jersey in the 201 area code..

New Orleans=126
Demarcus Amir cousins=126
Kobe dies on 1/26...

Also think about China/South Park this year....The Coon...Captain's now 2020....all of that was important to the episode 201 in which was censcored because of the Muhammad stuff. 
Today we got the death of Al-Qaeda leader Qassim al-Rimi too....just thinking about that with this narrative. 

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