Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Dwight Howard and DeMarcus Cousins in relation to Kobe Bryant's death-Achilles

I'm wondering something in regards to how this connects to Dwight Howard...Notice he wears the number 39 for the Lakers...a numbe I have recently been documenting about being important to this...
Dwight is also from Atlanta..
My Uncle's death was important to the Atlanta Falcons being in the Super Bowl...
Kobe died on Vince Carter's bday...connection to the Raptors..Kobe 81 points/returning on Howard's bday from Achilles injury against the Raptors....but Carter currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks...

Kobe only attended 2 Lakers games this year...the first was against the Hawks on 11/17 and then the Mavericks on 12/29....so 42 days apart..."Lakers"=42, Lebron James=42

This also means he went to the Hawks game on the 26th day of the NBA season...the Hawks scored 101 points in that game....then dies on the 26th day of the year next to Hwy 101(26th prime)...the Disney lady saying Kobe wasn't a God(26) yesterday. 

JoAnn Buss died after the Lakers beat the Hawks getting a 24-3 record..
Kobe Bean Bryant=243 and 81...
She died 81 days after Jeannie Buss' bday...
I can't help but think all of this stuff is for the Clippers. 
Los Angeles Clippers=81
Plus LeBron/Cousins returning against the Clippers last year....Kobe dies just before game against Clippers was supposed to happen....Jerry Buss died after the Lakers played the Clippers. 
David Stern connected to the Clippers...
Dwight Howard born on 12/8..
The game against the Clippers canceled on 1/28. 
The only thing that makes me wonder is that the year Kobe tore his achilles, the Heat went on and beat Kawhi's Spurs in the finals..the Lakers got swept by the Spurs in the playoffs...

Dwight David Howard II=126(v)
Kobe tore his achilles 126 days(end date) after Howard's bday. 
Kobe's bday is 1 month 26 days(end date) after Kawhi Leonard's bday....and he died 5 months 4 days(end date) before Kawhi's bday. 
Demarcus Amir Cousins=126
He tore his achilles on 1/26/2018.
New Orleans=126
126th monarch in Japan...Kobe, Japan founded on 4/1. 

Dwight Howard and Shaq both Superman....remember Batman vs Superman was important to Super Bowl 50...
Both known for the Orlando Magic as well....Magic Johnson important to David Stern with Donald Sterling stuff....

The NBA finals are 179 days after Dwight Howard's bday...
The 41st prime number is 179. 
Vince Carter=179
Atlanta Hawks=41(s)

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  1. Hey Dan,
    Yes Kobe attended the Lakers 13th and 33rd games. Like 3313 the 24th star number. After game 13 the Lakers had an aggregate score of 1440. 1440 minutes is 24 hours.
    Kobe ...#24!