Friday, September 13, 2019

Taylor Swift "Me" video that begins in French-Mary Poppins Umbrella scene

I just woke up and went to Zach's blog and saw this comment. I've mentioned how the Freddie Mercury/Kanye stuff was important and we might see something with Taylor Swift..she then was the star of the VMA's..also the importance of France.
This "ME" video is crazy though..It starts off with her and the panic at the disco guy speaking in French and then the song begins. 
Notice there is even a Mary Poppins like scene with the Umbrella's....the video even ends with them walking away under the umbrella. 

The song even came out just a month after I was documenting all the stuff with Mary Poppins. 

I even noticed in the song, she randomly yells..."Hey kids...Spelling is fun" which I find hilarious. 

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