Thursday, August 29, 2019

Shaq was 34 years old when he won his last championship with the Heat-Superman 213

This is great...I didn't realize that Shaq won his last NBA championship when he was 34 years old with the Miami Heat....He won his other championships with the Lakers when he wore # 34...
Howard will be 34 years old this year..

Kobe was 34 years old when he tore his achilles..the same season the Dwight Howard was on the Lakers. 

Dig deep=41=Kobe Bryant and so on ..

I'm also thinking how Dwight and Shaq are both called Superman...
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
The NBA Finals=213
Los Angeles in the 213 area code..
Los Angeles=213(FB)
Kobe scored 60 points in his final game that was 213 days after Moses Malone died...
Kevin Durant tore his achilles 2 months 13 day before Kobe's bday.

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