Sunday, August 25, 2019

Call him KING Trump article on CNN-Denmark's Queen Margrethe II-919

In light of the KING symbolism, I forgot how Trump has been referred to as King as well. 
Remember Time Magazine had him on the cover as a King last year. The story came on Mike Pence's bday...
Also Trump's connection to Cleveland and King James..
Also the Book of Daniel stuff I've mentioned in regards to the 4th King being the Richest and dividing the people. 

Now this article talking about the Prime Minister of Denmark is called "KING Trump". 

I figured since it was showing us Royalty I'd look up Denmark's Royal Family...
The queen is Margrethe II..
Margrethe II=262(FB)
Interesting considering 262 and 919 have been important to the Queen/Royal symbolism...

9/19 is 156 days after her bday and 210 day before her next bday...
156th prime is 911
False on...
Denmark=210(eng ext)
The recent stories of Trump have been important to both Denmark and China...

Donald Trump=159

To add the the list of almost every other famous person..Margrethe II's husband died 118 days before his bday in 2018. 
Prince Henrik of Denmark=118
Henri Jean Andre de Laborde de Monpezat=210

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