Friday, August 2, 2019

Death of wrestler Harley Race "The King" 8 months 10 days before his Birthday-Rowdy Ronda Rousey-Bridge-Earthquake

How much Royal Symbolism can they do with the WWE in recent times? Crown Jewel..Greatest Royal Rumble..death of Jerry The King's son Brian Christopher and so on..
Now "The King" dies...
Remember David Arquette who is important to Buffy the Vampire Slayer was also in "Ready to Rumble" which is about wrestler Jimmy KING. 

Super interesting he dies 8 months 10 days before his next bday too. 
He dies on 8/1 which is the day important to Ronda Rousey and the death of Roddy it's the major BRIDGE symbolism day...The Bridgewater shooting and so on..
Also Wrestlemania 31 in San Francisco was important with Rousey and the Earthquake/Bridge symbolism...

Harley Race=51 and 190(Franc Baconis)
King Charles=190
Remember this is why the Cavaliers were so important to the WWE theme when they won in 2016. 
Remember Ronda Rousey won UFC 190  on 8/1 just after Roddy Piper died too. 
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190
Rousey's final fight was a loss to "Amanda Nunes"=190
The Crown Jewel was in the stadium named after King Fahd who died on 8/1 as well....Remember Jamal Khashoggi was important too as related to the guy who died with Princess Diana in FRANCE. 

Also think about August 11th being Hulk Hogan's bday and Summer Slam being important to the Earthquake symbolism and so on...

I've been saying forever that August 10th is important to the King symbolism as Rocky Colavito is important to 624..
King Charles III=624 so on..
6/24 leaves 190 days in the year. 
Charles' bday is 6 months 24 days after Elizabeth II's. 

I wonder what exactly will happen or be symbolic on 8/10 and 8/11? I see a lot of interrelated things, but I can't pinpoint the exact meaning as always...hopefully this will be learned in the following months. 
8/10 is 8 months 11 days before Elizabeth II's bday..
8/11 is 8 months 10 days before Elizabeth II's bday. 

Doesn't his name remind you of a motorcycle race too? 
Harley Race...

Also earlier in the year we had the death of Mean Gene that was connected to 8/11 and Hulk Hogan...Remember he sang the first National Anthem at Wrestlemania.....
8/1 is Francis Scott Key's birthday as well which is important to the Earthquake symbolism with Philadlephia/Hulk Hogan/Summer Slam..Eagles winning the SB in Minneapolis...

The King feuded with Hulk Hogan and Jim Duggan which is interesting as the 624 stuff began with the death of my Uncle Clancy who looked like Hacksaw Jim Duggan...
Clancy was important to the Eagles winning and so on as well..

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