Monday, August 5, 2019

Slipknot released another single "Birth of The Cruel" today

Slipknot released yet another single from their new album today. 
I doubt they will release another before they release the album on 8/9...
If the do not...notice they released 3 of the 14 songs on the Pi 314...
Also "Unsainted" is listed as Track 2 which reminds me how Gematria the Killing name is Track 2. 
8/9 is also interesting as we are currently in the 89th year of the Stock Market Crash...

Also if you go to this new video a bunch of people commenting about Pinhead..Craig Jones not moving in this video....
Remember he is 47 years old and born on 2/11(47th prime). 
Craig Jones=47

8/10 is 185 days before his bday as well...also 6 months 1 day...
Des Moines, Iowa=61
Craig Jones=61(rev red)
Donald John Trump=185
Stock Market Crash=185

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