Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pit bulls maul and kill girl in Detroit-Guy on my Facebook who tagged me in Pit Bull Post-Reno

I saw this story on CNN's headlines today and I am drawn to it, because of recent Facebook thing I have been tagged in. A guy I know can't have his dog in Dow City, Iowa because it's supposedly a Pitbull and the town has made it illegal to own one....I see he says his dog isn't a Pitbull, and so on...he's mad about it as it's targeting his dog who hasn't hurt anyone. I haven't paid much attention to it honestly, but I keep getting notifications from other people commenting on it....
Now there is a story of of a Pit Bull killing a child in Detroit, so it sticks out to me. 

I'm trying not to show full names of the people on this post, so it may be confusing...
Before I even look at the actual story, I just noticed something interesting about the guy who tagged me in the post. I see he is dating a girl with the last name Reno whom I documented about previously. The reason it sticks out to me, is that she recently left her husband(? possibly they weren't married) who I'm somewhat friends with from years ago. He recently has become "awakened" and reached out to me about Gematria and other stuff. Possibly he has been awakened longer, but he now shares it constantly on Facebook...the difference is that he thinks everything is Jesus and I do not. He's been following guys like Richie From Boston too much in my opinion...nevertheless he sees that there is much more in this world and has experiences he is trying to explain everyday. Most people don't understand him and think he's gone crazy from the things he shares...but of course it's just because they aren't experiencing things to understand it...I don't always understand his experiences either, but I understand why sharing them is so important to him. 
Reno Blog Post
So it's odd that the Pit Bull guy is now dating his ex-wife..In this old blog post above however, I mentioned meeting my friend Cody's half sister for the first time. She said she was friends with his ex-wife when I asked her who she knew in Dunlap(town I live in). It's funny to me as I just went to Stromsburg to DJ her wedding, and now I'm seeing something with the RENO girl again.
I mentioned the date of 11/13 in that post...leaves 48 days in the year....also the conenction 9/11 which is interesting as 11/13 was the day of the Paris attacks too. 
Need to think about it more...but there's something important to all of this I'm supposed to see...
It's funny also that my friend Cody has been coming up a lot lately and he was important when my son Zamien was born....Now my girlfriend is about ready to have another baby...
haha and just looked at the clock and of course it's 8:20 on 8/20..

I wonder what this picture of her gofundme is from? It's some type of Cowboy it looks like...
Emma Valentina Hernandez=117
Emma Hernandez=64

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