Friday, August 30, 2019

Facebook notification in regards to Wolf and Lincoln, Nebraska-Upcoming Baby

So I forgot we had to go to Jasmines Doctors appointment earlier and left pretty much after my blog post about Wolf and Nebraska. 
On the way there I got this notification on my phone...It's still the only notification I have got today on my phone too. 

It's from a guy about wanting to buy my bands album. I went to his page to see if I might recognize him, but I don't...but anyway notice where it says he works...
Gray Wolf Social Media? 
He's also from Lincoln, Nebraska where the Cornhuskers play? 
It's funny too as the last gig we played was with a band from Lincoln. 

So we get to the Doctors and they tell us that they are going to induce Jasmine on Sunday the baby will probably come on 9/1 or 9/2 I would assume. 
What's interesting is my guess has been 9/5 forever because it's the day that leaves 117 days in the year. Jasmine's name equals 117, our son born on 1/17, and daughter born 117 days before Jasmines bday....
Also my name and full name equals 95...
The reason I find it interesting in regards to this guy wanting to buy our album is that we recorded our only album last year on 9/5. 
The band is "Punch Clock Martyrs"=95
I had nothing to do with naming the band either, it just happens to fit perfectly with my name. 

If the baby does come on 9/1, it's also interesting as 91 was one of the most important numbers I was talking about with the Nebraska Cornhuskers connections in 2015. 
Nebraska's mascot is "Herbie"...and we got the death of the Herbie: The Love Bug actor on 9/1 in 2015...
Also it can be written as 1/9/19...
Dean Carroll Jones=67..the 19th prime...
Nolan David Morten=91

It will be 19 days(end date) before 9/19/19..

Also interesting if you write out 117 as words..
One Hundred Seventeen=91 and 217
We are naming the baby "Alistair" as well. 
Alistair Behrendt=217(FB)

We will see what happens, it might not be born until 9/2 or 9/3 but it doesn't seem likely...
9/3 would make a lot of sense with Aleister Crowley...

Plus how funny that she will be having a baby over "LABOR" Day weekend and possibly on Labor Day...

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