Saturday, August 31, 2019

Harvest Moon-My voice sounds like Andrew Luck-Moses-Nebraska

We actually came back to the hosptial last night and aren't waiting for Sunday. I assume the baby is coming today now instead, but possibly it will be after midnight as we are still waiting. Anyway I started writing about the Moses/Nebraska/Rams/War of 1812 Symbolism with Super Bowl 53 while sitting here. 
It's funny that the baby's due date was actually 9/14 which is the anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the national during the War of 1812...
Think about Nebraska being the Cornhuskers too..reminding us of Harvest and 9/14 being the Harvest Moon...
I went back to my listen to some of my old videos and as I was reading the comments....I forgot that a ton of people were leaving comments that I sound like Andrew Luck....I just find it funny that a big piece of the recent narrative involves Andrew Luck retiring....The Colts originally from Baltimore which is important to the main narrative with the War of 1812....also with the Civil war in connection to Nebraska/Abe Lincoln/Moses/Slaves/Sea of Red/Tribe of Levi....
Andrew Luck's birthday also on 9/12 which is when the Battle of Baltimore began..although the national anthem wasn't written until 9/14.


  1. Congrats. Islamic New Year. We're now in the year 1441. Islam turned 1440 lunar years old with the New Moon. Big Venus coding today. 8/18 Julian and 8/18 Gregorian was your 23rd Venus return.

  2. Congratulations on your new baby boy. FYI. King Tides are associated with Hurricane Dorian. Just something to go along with the king theme this year.