Friday, August 9, 2019

Lioness eats her Cubs at Germany Zoo-Circle of Life

A story about a Lion just before World Day? 
This story comes 58 days after the Zoo opened up. 
Germany Zoo=58 and 41
Lion Cubs=41


Leipzig Germany=86
This story happened on 8/6. 

Doesn't the story just remind you of the Circle of Life too? 
Elton John=41

I just looked up Circle of Life and it talks about Houston Astros player Michael Brantley using the song in 2019. 
Of course he used to be a Cleveland Indian and beat a Rocky Colavito record. 
Michael Brantley=148 and 86
Cleveland Indians=148
Rocky Colavito turns 86 years old on 8/10 this year...
The Lion ate her CUBS?

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  1. Do all of the stories involving Lions have to do with the opening of the Lion's Gate portal from July 26th to August 12th with Sirius moving from Camcer to Leo and symbolizing higher energies and rebith? Just a thought