Thursday, August 29, 2019

Construction worker killed at Disneyland-Thought about the film Bulletproof

Another Disney story huh? 
Disneyland=163...the 38th prime.
The 38 year old Construction worker...

This story comes 1 months 12 days after Disneyland was founded..
With the end date it's 44 days..

A weird comment, but I feel like leaving it considering it might come up later.....Disneyland always makes me think about the Adam Sandler movie called "Bulletproof". There is a scene where he pretends to be retarded and says "Disneyland"...Sandler's bday is also 9/9 which was a big day with Queen Elizabeth...Happy Gilmore...Earthquake...United States....and now Jeopardy...
Funny too is in the film Bulletproof Damon Wayan's character is named "Rock Keats". Sandler is "Archie"..which makes me think about Prince Harry's son..

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