Saturday, August 10, 2019

Astros no-hitter against the Mariners on 8/3 in relation to Angels no-hitter Tribute to Tyler Skaggs

Ha, I was just looking at some of Zach's blog posts. I didn't even know the Astros had a combine no-hitter against the Mariners on 8/3. 
How fitting is this in regards to the No-hitter the Angels had against the Mariners on 7/12 that was the first one in California since Tyler Skaggs bday(7/13..1991)....It was also 7 runs in the 1st inning and a total of 13 runs..(713). 

I've been saying since the death of Tyler Skaggs that it's important to the Astros who play in the 713 area code...
Notice the No-Hitter games were 22 days apart..
The Angels and the Astros both won on 7/12 as well in their 92nd game of the season. 
The Astros recent no hitter was in their 112th game..
The Angels played their 112th game of the season that day as well...against the Indians. 

Notice the Angels no hitter game was 3 months 10 days before the World Series begins as well. 

I knew at the beginning of the season the Mariners were a team to interesting these connections are here.

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