Friday, August 9, 2019

White Sox and Yankess to play at Field of Dreams in 2020-Berlin Wall/Iowa/Lion

Someone shared this story on Facebook earlier that the MLB is actually playing a game at Field of Dreams in 2020. 
My first thought was...didn't I just mention Field of Dreams again in the video from last night? James Earl Jones is Mufassa(Lion King) also Darth Vader(HOPE)....also Field of Dreams important to the 1989 Earthquake Series and Queen Elizabeth II...
James Earl Jones born on 1/17
Field of Dreams=117

It's interesting this story would come on 8/8 as well. Remember the White Sox last won a world series in 2005 which was the first time in 88 seasons. That season was synced to the Cubs winning in 2016..."Curse of the Billy Goat"=88 and so on..
W.P. Kinsella and James Earl Jones wife died just before the Cubs won the World Series in 2016 too. I mentioned all summer how there was native american theme connected to the area I live with Kevin Costner as well. 
Notice too the game will be played 8 months 8 days before the 32nd anniversary of Field of Dreams coming out...

James Earl Jones is currently 88 years old...a guy I have been watching for to possibly die soon because of this. 
The White Sox and Field of Dreams were important to the Black Sox Scandal in which 8 men got kicked out because they purposefully lost against the Cincinnati Reds....The film 8 men out came out in 88'. 
What did I just document about the Reds and Pirates?....
The Astros tied the Reds in 2005 and it was 114 days before the world series began in which they lost to the White Sox.
The Cubs tied the Pirates in 2016 which was the first tie since the 2005 tie.....It was all about 114..
The Cubs were even playing the Reds on 8/8/ was their 115th game of the season....just thinking about the 115th world series. 
It's seemingly once again showing me the Astros, but I've been wondering about the Indians all season since 8/10 has been so important. Even trading Trevor Bauer for Yasiel Puig...Bauer was important to the 624/Finger symbolism...

The wife on Field of Dreams has interesting name gematria as well. 
Amy Madigan=88

Field of Dreams=310(Jewish) 
hahah I think I posted this before, but realizing it again...think about the LION symbolism with James Earl Jones...
8/13/2020 is when the game is going to be played...
Think about Iowa's connection to the Wall/Trump/Stock Market..."Trump"=88
The Berlin Wall construction began on 8/13 and it came down in 89'. The same year Field of Dreams came out....Earthquake World Series...


  1. so weird man. Those catalogs of people's headshots... seem coded. I saw one had a story about race killings in 1919. Should have gotten a picture. So odd. The white sox cheating scandal was in 1919 I believe. Of course they were called the black sox

  2. 8 men in 1919...8th prime 8th prime

  3. shoeless joe jackson main guy in fied of dreams. maybe they're finally going to let him in the hall of fame

  4. 8/8 is the most important date in the opening of the Lion's Gate portal. Maybe a correlation