Sunday, August 11, 2019

Slipknot's Shawn Crahan plays the Baseball Bat on the Keg-Field of Dreams MLB Game in 2020

I was sitting here thinking about the MLB game being played at Field of Dreams next season. A big thing with Slipknot this year was the death of Shawn Crahan's daughter. He is really like the most pointless guy in Slipknot as he basically just uses a BASEBALL Bat to hit a beer keg. 
All of the Field of Dreams stuff in 2016 was showing me the Indians to be in the World Series....possibly it's for this year...but I'm really wondering if they make the World Series in 2020 now. Plus costner portrayed Jim Garrison in the film JFK who in real life is from Denison, Iowa....which is another reason I was talking about a native american theme and the town I live in...
Dunlap, Iowa=116
I mentioned the importance of the "Grand Canyon"=116 and moving to Arizona on 11/6..
Next year will be the 116th world series. 

Plus I'm still looking out for something significant on 9/19 this year....Field of Dreams was important to the Marathon symbolism that's synced to 9/19. 

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