Monday, August 19, 2019

Synchronicity with a Swiss Dime at Work and CNN's story about a 125 year old Dime-Lakers-Dwight Howard Symbolism

Towards the end of the day at work, I noticed that someone gave me this coin instead of a dime. I looked it up and found it was a Swiss dime. 
So now I'm home and I go to CNN and of course they have a story about a 125 year old dime being sold for $1.32 million..

Funnier to me yet is that the article mentions how this dime once belonged to Jerry Buss the former owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

The only other thing I have looked at today was the Lakers talking to Dwight Howard. I got a notification from someone asking me to look into Howard and the Lakers...I went to ESPN and took a screen shot, and was thinking about the narrative the majority of the day. 
I'm not going to post it all again on this post, but I mentioned how Dwight Howard was important to DeMarcus Cousins going to the Lakers so it's funny they are even making a story out of the possibility. 

All I can think about is yet again the important to 10 and 55 with a Dime and the Lakers...
A dime is worth 10...
Los Angeles Lakers=257...the 55th prime...

The Lakers won 10 championships with Jerry Buss....
Also the dime in the article is known as a Barber Dime that was designed by Charles Barber....
Barber Dime=218(Jewish)
Notice Barber and Jerry Buss died on 2/18..
They died 96 years apart. 
Charles Barber=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Dwight Howard=58
Kobe Bryant=58
DeMarcus Cousins=58
Dwight Howard currently with the... 
"Memphis Grizzlies"=218...he got there because he was traded for CJ Miles who was the 34th pick in the draft..
Remember how I talked about the number 34 being important with the narrative and Howard will be 34 years old this year. 
This story comes 34 days after I documented about Dwight Howard in regards to DeMarcus Cousins on 7/17 too. 
Jerry Buss died the same season Kobe tore his achilles and Dwight Howard was on the team as well haha. 

He died after the Lakers played the Los Angeles Clippers. 
He also died 6 months 6 days before Kobe's bday...

Kobe's and Jerry Buss' bdays also 157 days apart. 
Kobe Bryant=157
Kobe Bean Bryant=54

It's also interesting that coin in the article will be offered at the ANA World's FAIR of Money in Chicago...

Kobe's bday is also important as it's 8/10 on the Julian Calendar....think about his numbers of 8 and 24 as well which 8/24 would be 8/11. 

Look how ESPN is running 2 stories that involve Howard right now too. 
Dwight Howard...
Steph Curry financing the Howard University Golf Team..

It would be funny to me if either Howard gets signed to the Lakers on Kobe's bday...or if the Lakers do get Chris Paul at some point....Like the opposite of what went down in years passed....
Plus....once again....does it not seem like something is guiding me to see this? I mean what in the world does a Swiss Dime have to do with anything...then I get home and a story of a DIME is put in my face seemingly on purpose...

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  1. 218 has always been my pet number.
    Sophia = 218 Jewish
    Hermes = 218 Jewish