Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hong Kong Riots-News of China makes sense to the symbolism-Pig Year-Wall-Iowa

China was a major story today in the media....I've known China was important for a while...The Garlic Festival Shooting...Well China is the leading producer of "Garlic"...
China also has "The Great WALL"....funny as just last night I looked up at the TV and the Matt Damon film "The Great Wall" was on....I kept thinking how the movie looked stupid and finally checked the guide to find out it was that movie haha. Think about Trump saying they are moving troops the Hong Kong BORDER as well. 
China also landed on the Dark Side of the Moon during the government Shutdown earlier this year...Pink Floyd...The Wall...Dark Side of the Moon...the Shutdown over the WALL. 
China is the reason for the recent Dow Drop as well. 

China's also hosting the current World's Fair..
Kim Reynolds became the Iowa Governor when Terry Brandstad stepped down to become the US Ambassador to China. 
Remember the story of the Farmers being mad about Trump's Trade War with China earlier this year too...It doesn't have to be Iowa, but Farmers are important to Iowa. 

Plus the Chinese guy IM Pei who designed the Louvre died on 5/16 this year...The date important to Slipknot and the Iowa State Fair in regards to France...

Also the story of Jeremy Lin saying the NBA doesn't care about him anymore not too long ago as well...He has the same bday as Kobe Bryant who was important to the Toronto Raptors winning...Lin won a championship with the Raptors this year...DeMarcus Cousins signs with the Lakers and he was important to the death of Chyna Thomas/Rockets/Pelicans....in China. 

Also remember how this year is important to the CHINESE PIG year. 
I just saw Zach's video that shows tear gas being used for the first time ever at Hong Kong on 8/11 Inside an MTR station. ...H=8...K=11...811....Also a Golden Gate in China...
San Francisco California=210

Hong Kong China=225
Today is the 225th day of the year..
Think how this story comes on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall going up as well. 
The Pig Year began on 2/5....the major number with Trump and the Wall/Shutdown/Wallmart and so on..

Also in regards to Des Moines, Iowa being the French name for "From the Monks"...I'm reminded of the story we got about the Dalai Lama being hospitalized...Remember he had to Flee to India because of the Tibetan Uprising against China. 
I still think there is something important to France...I'm gonna have to research the relations between France/China/Dalai Lama. 

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  1. Might want to look into the giants earthquake team anniversary game. Giants closer will smith recorded his 1st hit in his 1st plate appearance in 357 games.