Wednesday, August 7, 2019

CNN's story of Feral Hogs and Jason Isbell and my recent experience with Jason Isbell

This was a headline story on CNN before I went to the concert tonight. It's from a Tweet of Jason Isbell saying people shouldn't have assault rifles on 8/'s a pretty pointless article that I can't understand why CNN is running it still, if it was up and I missed it. 
The reason I know it's important to my life is because yesterday a guy I know brought me some salsa his son made. I got some of it last year, and they don't like it as it's too hot, but they know I'll eat it. So he came in to the store and gave it to me and then told me how he went and saw Jason Isbell in Omaha I believe on Sunday(8/4). He then got out his phone and showed me this same video he posted on Facebook of the Jason Isbell concert....

So now a story with Jason Isbell and PIGS? 
My friend Sturgill even brought up Jason Isbell on our way to the Marilyn Manson concert in July too. He was talking about not liking him in concert solo, but liking his old band The Drive By Truckers...If I remember correctly he saw him in Des Moines too. 
Dan Heffernan=516(satanic)
This number has been really important....Slipknot's single came out this day/Buffy on the Big Bang and so on...

I'm gonna look more at this tomorrow, but I didn't want to forget it...there has to be something important to it

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