Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The JoJo Siwa Concert tonight in Omaha-Her 8/10 show at Mandalay Bay-2016 Omaha symbolism with World Fair

I just got back from the JoJo Siwa concert in Omaha tonight. It was actually not that bad of a show. It was basically like watching a live episode of a nickelodeon show haha. The show told a story of finding a Big Bow that would take you to Dream land and then of course at the end she finds the bow and so on..The the show was even somewhat funny and entertaining. It's sad to think that one day this girl is going to probably get some arsenic in her drink and the media will tell us she overdosed on drugs or something of the like though.....
It's hard to hate on her considering how positive/happy for no reason this girl seems to be. My first thought was this girl is on drugs..but then I realized I'm actually a lot like her 90 percent of my day the same time though you don't just get Nickelodeon famous for no reason...I guess I just like the attitude she portrays and I think it would benefit much of the world. 
Anyway she mentioned how the mayor of Omaha declared 8/6 as JoJo Siwa day at the concert. 
Notice today was 80 days after her bday(end date). 
Omaha Nebraska=80

The mayor of Omaha was born on the 38th day of the year? 
It's also interesting she's the 51st mayor of Omaha. 
JoJo Siwa=51

Anyway the real reason for the post is I was looking at her tour dates...It's interesting she is playing in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on 8/10....just thinking how the Gilroy shooting was important to the Vegas shooting...

There was also a shooting at a Baton Rouge Walmart today..
If you go back to 2016 a major narrative I was following was Obama's final state of the union and him going to Omaha at Baxter Arena(where the JoJo concert was). Then he went to McKinley HS in Baton Rouge....
Alton Sterling then later shot in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile shot in Falcon Heights where Teddy Roosevelt once gave a speech about carrying a big stick....this was just before McKinley was shot at the World FAIR in Buffalo and later died...McKinley the 25th president...Walmart..Trump/Dayton and so on..
Remember Lil Wayne has to emergency land in Omaha around this time too....he's important to the Batman/Iowa State Fair Nipsey Hussle's death...



  1. JoJo Siwa Day on 8/6(86) in the year 2019(19), she is currently 16 yrs old (16/19) and her DOB is the 19th of May (The #6 is the #9 upside down). The Nickelodeon logo is the word "nickelodeon"(lowercase letters) in the color "ORANGE" . "Orange"=86(Francis Bacon)
    "nickelodeon"=53(Full Red.) 53 is the 16th prime (her age).
    8/6/2019: (8) + (6) + (20) + (19) = 53 (The divisors of 53 sum to 54)
    "Eighty-Six"=54(Full Red.)
    "86'ed or 86'd"=54(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Omaha, NE"=54(Jewish Ordinal)
    JoJo is a Psyop for the Satanic Entertainment Industry that preys on Children.
    "August 6, 2019"=317(Satanic) 317 is the 66th prime
    "JoJo Siwa Day"=66(Reverse Full Red.)