Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Harvard Student denied entry to US-Leslie Jones leaving SNL

I just posted about Jeremy Lin and then went to CNN and saw a story about a  Harvard student being denied by immigration...
Jeremy Lin went to Harvard University..so it's funny to me. 

Harvard Crimson=215 and 215(FB)
I'm only documenting this as it makes sense to the Duck Theme...a bunch of connections were to 2/15 this year were with the Duck theme...The Aurora shooting...Aurora Duck Boat crash...
Notice the story about Leslie Jones, the Saturday Night Live actor leaving right next to it..
Saturday Night Live=215

Ismail Ajjawi=117
Think about Jeremy Lin who played for the Raptors. 
Think about how Kobe is important to the Bridge Symbolism.

She's leaving after Season 44 of SNL? 
Leslie Jones=44
Notice too it mentions Studio 8H....88..
We know how 88 is important to Hitler/Neo Nazi's so on..

SNL=45....this just before the 45th season..
Ismail Ajjawi=45

Also interesting the Harvard student was from Lebanon..
Tyre, Lebanon=516(satanic)
This is the other number important to the SNL stuff...

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