Friday, August 23, 2019

Dwight Howard to join the Lakers on Kobe Bryant's birthday-Luke Walton case dropped-Rock Theme

Once again I have had zero time today, and been gone most of the day. I have to leave for a band gig in a little bit, but I see the Lakers signed Dwight Howard today. 
It can't make anymore sense for him to go back to the Lakers on today as it's Kobe Bryant's 41st bday. 

This person even called it a few days ago. 

Today is 107 days before Howard's bday too. 
Think about how in the previous stuff I mentioned the importance of the Los Angeles Earthquakes and King Charles. 
King Charles=107

Interesting that Dwight Howard's bday is 135 days before Queen Elizabeth's...Also Kobe's bday is 243 days(end date) before Elizabeth's. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135, 243

Almost all of the articles I have read were about Howard hitting "ROCK" Bottom. I just mentioned there is a Stone/Rock theme. 
Rock Bottom=42=Lakers=Lebron James

This story also comes the same day the NBA stops it's assault case investigation on Luke Walton....remember how he was important to the narrative as well. "KINGS". 
Kobe he turned 41 years old. 
Walton resigned on the anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles..Walton's assault case began 4 months 1 day before today. 

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