Sunday, August 25, 2019

Andrew Luck in relation to the XFL and Houston-Vince McMahon-Summer Slam-August 11th-The 2016/17' symbolism-Houston Rockets-King-China-Space

I just watched a few of Zach's videos in regards to Andrew Luck being connected to the XFL and Houston. 
Funny we got the story about Houston Floods today and also the Houston Texans player Lamar Miller tears his ACL. 
The main reason for this post is the connection to 8/11. 
Think about the XFL created by Vince McMahon...Summer Slam being important to the 8/11 coding...Hulk Hogan born on 8/11....Summer Slam was on 8/11 this year in Toronto after the Raptors win the NBA Finals...
Andrew Luck retires on 8/24 Gregorian which is 8/11 on the Julian Calendar. Vince McMahon's bday is 8/ a connection to 8/11..Hulk Hogan..

What I wonder is if this might finally be the year the Houston Rockets get to win the NBA Finals? The Dwight Howard stuff was important to the Rockets...Magic Johnson was important to the Rockets...Mike Dantoni the coach when Kobe tore his achilles...Chris Paul leaves the Rockets..Tyler Skaggs/Los Angeles important to the Houston Astros and Houston Area code...Even the recent stuff about the NBA blackballing Carmelo Anthony who last played for the Rockets and DAntoni left the Knicks because of Anthony..
This is hilarious to me...Remember in 2017 I talked all about the Rockets and the connections to my girlfriend being pregnant....Then my son was born on 1/ girlfriends name equals 117. Our daughter born 117 days before her bday...Also remember Chyna Thomas died in a car that looked like the one my girlfriend drove...then Isaiah Thomas lost the same tooth my girlfriend was all about the King symbolism..Camry means Crown....Thomas played for the's why DeMarcus Cousins injury was important against the Rockets....The Rockets playing the Pelicans in China and Bobby Brown writing on the Great Wall. Think about the recent relationship with China...also the Wrestler Chyna who died in 2016. The Piston Isaih Thomas tore his achilles before the Rockets won the NBA Finals. Think about Yao Ming..the Rockets...China...Kobe's achilles...Jeremy Lin sharing a bday with Kobe plus the Toronto connection. Plus Jeremy Lin was on the Rockets when Kobe Tore his achilles..then later went to the Lakers....Lin also played with Carmelo in New York under D'Antoni.. Kobe tore his achilles and then the Lakers went on to beat Houston to make the playoffs before Howard left to Houston. 
It could just be the "KING" symbolism and LeBron the "KING"...Dantoni was even drafted by the Kansas City KINGS. 
The first NBA preseason games in China were the Rockets vs the Kings in 2004 when Yao was on the team. 
Luke Walton...the Kings..

Yao Ming even has the same bday as Andrew Luck...

This was all just months after learning reverse gematria/Zach's car crash/Colts losing before the Super Bowl in Houston. 
Then the Astros won the World Series in 2017. 

To top it all off, the Texans player that was injured today is a former Miami Dolphin. 
Lamar Miller=114 and 166(FB)
What are the all of the 2016 stuff was connected to the Miami Dolphins with my Uncle Barney dying on 1/14..
Barney Murphy=166
166 episodes of the Flintstones...originally called the FLAGstones..(Kneeling)(wife Betty)
My Grandma was from Flintstone, Georgia and died 8 months 10 days after Barney..(810) Then my Uncle Clancy dies...his son was connected to the Eagles winning and his daughter named in honor of my Grandma was born on 8/10. 
Gold Slipper=166
Reverse Gematria=166
Montagraph's video about 1-6-6 which was 166 days after my bday and so on..
So on..

Vince McMahon=919(Jewish)

Houston Texas=233(FB)
Houston Roughnecks=233
The 51st prime number is 233..
Super Bowl 51 was in Houston..
Houston Texans=51
Lamar Miller=51

Remember too how I talked about a "Space" Theme in late 2016 connected to Eugene Cernan/Neil Armstrong/Purdue...Then John Glenn died in December and Cernan died in January...Now today we get a story of the astronaut who possibly committed the first "Space Crime". 
Kevin Durant wearing #35
King James=35

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