Sunday, August 18, 2019

Peter Fonda Death-3:10 To Yuma-Buffy-Kiefer Sutherland injured going to Denmark-Umbrella Man Story

I have been out of town since Friday for a wedding in Stromsburg, Nebraska. I saw a bunch of stories on my phone but had no way to blog about them...
So we got the death of Peter Fonda who coincidentally was in the film "3:10 To Yuma". 

Think of how many times I have talked about Buffy and 310...I even documented about 3:10 To Yuma on the same day as the Buffy story on 11/22. There was the 310 mile Dust Storm that made me think of the desert and that film...Plus it has the guy named "Charlie Prince" and "Pinkertons reminding us of Prince Charles and the Pink theme. 
I even got a message 3 days ago about 3:10 To Yuma on my video about the Norway shooter. 
What I find even funnier is that I'm just now seeing he was in the film "Ghost Rider" as well. I was bored on Friday night as everyone else went to sleep, so I watched a weird Nicholas Cage movie on Netflix called "Between Worlds". I told my friend the next day about it, and he laughed because I've been hating on Nicholas Cage forever because of the film "Ghost Rider". haha..We have joked about him for the longest time because of this film. 
I'm gonna have to make myself rewatch some of these films now too..damnit. 

So I'm finally home and the first thing I see on CNN is a story about Keifer Sutherland being seriously injured on Tour. Of course he would be injured on his way to DENMARK. Remember how Kiefer Sutherland is important to the Buffy/Lost Boys/Big Bang/Stand by Me Theme as well....Last week I was documenting about Denmark being important possibly.....then Trump wants to buy Greenland and now Keifer Sutherland of all people is injured on his way to Denmark? 
Stromsburg, Nebraska also had a store called something "Swedish"...I can't remember the exact name...and my friend Cody told me they have some type of Swedish Festival every year too. 

Looking it even talks about it on the Wikipedia of the town as well. 
It's the Swede Capital of Nebraska? 
More Scandinavian stuff...

Peter Fonda=104
Buffy The Vampire Slayer=104, 257, 310
Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey Geoge Rufus Sutherland=257
There has to be a reason he has 5 middle names too? 
Daniel Behrendt=257....
My 10th bday was 3 months 10 days after Buffy came out..
It just makes me think that 257 is the 55th prime...
God=10, 55=Satan.....10th Triangular is 55

Also it says the Sutherland story happened on Thursday which was 8/15...or the 227th day of the year. 

Look at the story just below it too....a man with an UMBRELLA almost getting struck by lightning? 
Remember Mary Poppins stuff was important to Season 3 episode 10 of the Simpsons...I mentioned a good amount about the date of 8/27 with it as well. 
I wonder about Sutherland's bday of 12/21 as well...They are important to 37, 73 and the Big Bang Theory...also 8/27/2020 which is 12/21/12 in Ethiopia. 

Of course there is the obvious stuff such as Peter Fonda dying 174 days after his bday too...
Peter Henry Fonda=174

Adding something here really quick too...
Peter Fonda went to University of Omaha-Nebraska.. I've recently documented about the JoJo Siwa concert that was at Baxter Arena which is part of's also where Obama went after his final state of the Union....Think about Kiefer Sutherland in regards to the show "24" where the first black president dies out of office...
The couple that got married this weekend left this morning for Las Vegas...which makes me think of the JoJo Siwa concert on 8/10 in Vegas. 


  1. Just did a video on 12/21. Great Conjunction in Aquarius coding with Cedric Benson and the Cincinnati Masters. Harvest Moon on the 257th day of the year 55 days after Zach's birthday.

  2. Something I remember learning in school is that many Jews escaped from Denmark to Sweden by boat. In fact I just looked it up cause I thought I learned about it from the Diary of Anne Frank but they say 99% of Danish Jewish escaped.