Sunday, August 11, 2019

American Gold Medalist Kneels at the Pan Am Games in Peru-Harvest Moon-Philadelphia

A guy named "RACE" kneels at the Pan Am Game? You have to be kidding me. Once again, you don't need numbers to see the ridiculousness of it. 
The kneeling was because of RACE...Racial injustice and so on..
Race Imboden=89
He knelt on Friday which was 8/9. 

He took a knee 8 months 8 days before his bday or also a span of 8 month 9 days. 
Kneel=88=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner
Pan Am=88(Franc Baconis)

Notice he is currently 26 years old as well. 
Philadelphia=101...the 26th prime..

They wait until 8/11 to give us this news? The 223rd day of the year..
The Star Spangled Banner=223
War of Eighteen Twelve=223
So on..

The event was in Lima that was founded on 1/18..
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=118
8/11 can be written 11/8. 

Remember the Harvest Moon coming while Zach is Anarchadelphia falls on the 205th anniversary of the the Star Spangled Banner being written. 
Think about 8/11 in regards to Philadelphia/Hulk Hogan/Earthquake and so on..
Think about how Zach is connected to the number 89 as well. His name and his fathers name equal 89...his mother born on 8/9 or 9/8 and he always mentions the coldest day on record is his bday and it was negative 89 degrees. 
Porn=89(FB and rev FB)
Zach's Hacked Livestream
The link above explains much more to what I am saying..

Also in regards to the Wall symbolism....Race Imboden is in the sport of FENCING...
His bday of 4/17 also interesting..
San Francisco California=417(Franc Baconis)
4/17 is also the day Ben Franklin died...
Montagraph..DB SF April 17..the day my Uncle Clancy died connected to the Eagles winning the SB. 

Also remember earlier this year the former Peru president supposedly shot himself on 4/17? Notice he was president until 2011 too. 
Alan Garcia=417(satanic)

4/17 is the 107th day...

Francis Scott Key=713(satanic)

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