Thursday, August 29, 2019

Alex Trebek is done with Chemo and new season of Jeopardy starting on 9/9-Astros-Rich Dauer

They started filming season 36 on Alex Trebek's bday of 7/22? 
Notice the new season begins 1 month 18 day later..

This story comes 38 days after his bday..

The new season comes 187 days after they announced his cancer..

I still think Alex Trebek is a riddle with the Astros as well. Remember he had the same brain surgery as Rich Dauer and so on..

Rich even has an interesting connection considering his bday is 44 days before 9/9..
Notice it's 1 month 13 days too....He had emergency brain surgery after the Astro's won the 113th World Series..
He's also 67 years old in the year 19' which could be a bad sign for Rich Dauer..

9/9 is also 1 month 13 days before the World Series begins this year..
George Alexander Trebek=113

Trebek's bday to the World Series is 92 days..
This story today is 54 days before the World Series..
Alex Trebek=204(FB)
Houston Astros=204

I mentioned in a post about the connection to baseball with Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer....
Think how James Holzhauer's streak began on 4/4 when Ken Jennings was 44 years old too...
James Holzhauer=63
Holzhauer lost on 6/3. 
Trebek Announces his cancer on 3/6 or 6/3...
This will begin the 36th season of Jeopardy which is 6 months 3 days after 3/6 when Trebek announced his cancer. 

Plus the shocking "Tie" that happened on Jeopardy this year...reminding us of the Cubs that were connected to the Astros and Ties. 

Another Francis Bacon thing to note..
Rich Dauer=208(FB) and 310
He was born on the 208th day of the year..

Also remember Jeopardy was a huge piece to what I was talking about with 2016-2017 stuff going on..

Alex Trebek's cancer was also announced 7 months 13 days after his bday. 
Think how the Houston Area code is 713. 

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