Monday, August 5, 2019

El Paso WALmart Shooting-Dayton Shooting connected to the Wall symbolism and my last Post about Walmart-Food Shootings

Hawthorne Heights-Ne-Yo and Walmart Blog post
I was gone all day yesterday so I didn't have time to look into the El Paso shooting. I saw Zach posted about Mark PASSIO on the same day as the El PASO shooting which I thought was funny but anyway...
I just searched the last time I mentioned Walmart on this blog because I knew I mentioned it in regards to a commercial and the Wonder Years Theme song....
Notice that it was 88 days ago..
Also notice it was a random post about the DAYTON, Ohio band Hawthorne Heights haha...then in the early hours of Sunday we get another big shooting in Dayton? 

Hawthorne Heights=89 
The Dayton Shooting happened 89 days after I posted about them. ..HH..88.

Oddly enough too when I got off work a few days ago I came home to the film "The Princess and the Frog" on. My son put our tv remote in a glass of water so they couldn't turn channels. They turned on Netflix and chose this film to watch...I don't think I've ever watched it, but I instantly thought the bad guy looked like Obama. There was also a part about Evangeline the "Star" in which I figured probably represented "Sirius", but wikipedia says it's Venus. I'll have to actually watch it one of these nights.....but the reason I bring it up is because I looked up the film that night and noticed that Ne-Yo had a hit song from it. 
Notice that Ne-Yo is also in my Hawthorne Heights post because they had some sort of feud...

Interesting too that Ne-Yo was the "Tin Man" in the 2015 TV version of "The Wiz"...Remember the Garlic Festival had the band "Tin Man" playing...Nipsey Hussle was connected to Nipsey Russell who was the "Tin Man" on The Wiz(film). 

Would you believe the guy who played "Tin Man" on the Wizard of Oz was born on 8/10? 
Tin represents Jupiter in alchemy...
Heart=25, 83(Tin man needs it)

El Paso, Texas=215(FB)
The shooting happened on the 215th day of the year. 
Patrick Wood Crusius=83
The shooting on 8/3...

It's funny too as back when Luke WALton left the Lakers I documented about WALmart being important to the WALL symbolism. 
El Paso is on the border and recently had a private organization build a's the first real wall to be built...I mean come on...
Trump=88=Walmart and so on..
Patrick Crusius=188

Remember too how Trump signed a declaration of National Emergency for the Wall on 2/15...
El Paso Texas=215
Shooting on the 215th day in which the killer hated's so scripted it's hilarious. 
Trump just got approved for 2.5 billion and so on..
The Pass=25, 88(English for El Paso).

The Dayton shooter supposedly suspended from high school for writing a hit list on a WALL. 

Of course this shooter supports White Supremacy and so on...Remember the Nazi's/Neo Nazi's are all about 88..."HH..88" Heil Hitler..

Connor Stephen Betts=79
Murder=79, 83

Also what's the deal with Food? 
Ned Peppers(Mexican food)
Garlic Festival..Cook Brothers..Alice Olive...
El Paso reminds me of Old El Paso Taco stuff. 

I'm also interested that Sam Walton died in 1992 which was the year Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out....
Connor Betts=310
Walmart founded on 7/2 but incorporated on Halloween. 

8/3 also a perfect day synced up to Walton's birth and death. 
He was born on 3/29 and died on 4/5...
This shooting was 4 months 5 days after his bday..and 3 months 29 days after his death day.

Random thought here too, but the Walmart stuff got brought up because of the Wonder Years....I feel like there is something important to Jason Hervey with it...Earlier today I saw someone post about "The Monster Squad" on Facebook which is a movie he is in...Also has Van Helsing(Vampires)....He's also Wayne on The Wonder Years which is important to the Batman stuff...
The Dark Knight=215
The other major vampire in Buffy is played by Pee Wee Herman which is another film Hervey was in..
Jason Hervey=282(fb)
A number I've been seeing today...
Iowa State Fair=282


  1. I watched "Back To The Future" last night. I forgot Jason Hervey was in it. Now you're bringing him up. You should look into him. I believe he has a lot to do with wrestling.

  2. There are a lot of things going on with cliffs, too. Nice assembly, Dan.