Monday, August 12, 2019

CNN had an article about Christiania(Denmark) on 8/10

I just posted about Denmark/Christiania and then I went to CNN to see this story about Denmark and Christiania. It's an article from 8/10 too which is funny as I didn't see it until after that post. 
I'm not sure of the point but I see "Christiania"=186 which was important earlier this year with a bunch of stuff. 
My shirt was a picture of this flag and said Christiania on it. I wonder if it's still at my parents house, although I can't wear it because it was about 100 pounds ago. I remember my cousin telling me it was a drug town and what I see it's just an anarchist community within Copenhagen...


  1. My family is from Norway. I still have family there. Our original last name was "Christianson". Not sure if I spelled it right.

  2. was looking at the inversed value for wizard just before I came here

    "Wizard" = 32+9+62+1+81+4 = 186