Monday, August 5, 2019

Chase Elliott wins the Nascar race on 8/4-Wall/France Symbolism in Nascar

There's been so many other things going on, I didn't pay attention to the Nascar race this weekend. Notice how I mentioned the film Talladega Nights being important to the date of 8/4....Also I documented how Chase Elliott won at Talladega this year..
So I'm looking at the results of the race on 8/4 and of course Chase Elliott won. 
Not much else to document except for Nascar is important to the Wall symbolism and France. 
Chase Elliott=48
8/4 or 4/8..
Nascar established in 48'
2019 is the 48th Cup Series of the modern era. 
The 2019 season began on the 48th day..
When Dale Sr. died by hitting the Wall, Michael WALtrip won the race. 


  1. Marty Robbins famous for his hit song "El Paso" was also a NASCAR driver.

  2. the first nascar race was on August 10th 1958 in Nashville