Friday, August 30, 2019

Synchronicity with Wolf as I just started writing about the Wolf/Lupercalia theme with Super Bowl 53

Why not start the day off with some synchronicity post? 

I'm really trying to buckle down and write this book. I figured today I would just start with happenings in 2019. I've already talked about the Wall symbolism in previous parts, so the next thing in 2019 was the Moses/Nebraska/Wolf stuff with Super Bowl 53. I couldn't remember how often a Wolf Moon or a Red Wolf Moon happens, so I searched for it on yahoo. As the page loads up I hear the TV say "Wolf" and look up to see a Wolf commercial for a product called "Blue Wilderness".

I've been wondering about the Cornhuskers this season and even more so with Hurricane Dorian on it's way to Florida which is important to the Orange Bowl and so on...Nebraska has a history with the Miami Hurricanes as well. 
Wolf=52, 56
Hurricane=52, 56
Civil War=56
Lincoln died age 56 in "April"=56

34 was the big number with Moses/Abe Lincoln...

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