Sunday, August 25, 2019

Andrew Luck announces his retirement reminders of 2016-Miami and Super Bowl 54-Francis Bacon ciphers

I've been saying how this year reminds me of 2016 with Zach's car crash. A big piece in that narrative was the supposed Colts vs Vikings Superbowl but the script was "Flipped" then we learned "Reverse" gematria. 

So now the major story in sports is that Andrew Luck of the Colts is retiring early. 

I'm interested to see what happens with the Vikings think about all of the Scandinavian stuff going on in regards to Vikings...
I'm also thinking about the Super Bowl being in Miami this year and the Dolphins were a big part of the narrative in Teddy Bridgewater is from Miami and so on...a lot of it was important to Miami and Super Bowl 5...also the Orange Bowl and Nebraska....
Super Bowl 5 was in Miami at the Orange Bowl on 1/17/71. 
Nebraska won it's first championship in the Orange Bowl on 1/1/71 with 17 points. 
I didn't know Francis Bacon back then so it makes sense that Miami would have that connection. 

Andrew Luck announced his retirement 5 months 9 days or 162 days before Super Bowl 54 that will be in Miami..
Andrew Luck=59
Miami, Florida=162(FB)

I honestly wonder if the big thing we are supposed to learn in all of this is the importance of Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis to future events this year. I've been saying it for a while, but it makes sense...2016 was all about the "Reverse"..maybe 2019/2020 the major clues will be within Francis Bacon...Possibly there are certain time frames to pay attention to a certain cipher. The regular ciphers will still be coded, but the more helpful answer will be within a different cipher during each time frame? 

Further making me wonder about all of this is..
Andrew Luck=222(FB)
August 10th being the 222nd day...
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Orange Bowl=222(FB)
Teddy Bridgewater=222(FB)
Super Bowl=222(FB)

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  1. About 15 minutes before I came here I was looking at the time span from my bday to August 31st. I'll be 11771 days old that day. And I come here and you mention the date 1/17/71