Sunday, August 11, 2019

Trump promotes Clinton's conspiracy on Epstein-Oslo, Norway mosque shooting in relation to the TROLL theme-Importance of 2011?

So since last night, I have been seeing people share how the "Clinton's" murdered Jeffrey Epstein. Then I wake up to see this story about Trump promoting the conspiracy theory. The last video I made I talked about the ELITES and political assassinations and I thought I mentioned how Hillary Clinton is supposedly responsible for a bunch of murders. I didn't mention that part in the video however, I know I was thinking about it with the other thousand thoughts going at once. 
Anyway as I'm listening to this video to see if I mentioned it my internet just randomly disconnected on the part where I was talking about 2011. I looked down to notice it was exactly 11 am on August 11th....I thought man here we go again with the 11. 

So I go to take a screen shot on CNN of the story, so I don't have to use the one on my phone picture....All the sudden my internet stopped working again and wouldn't load CNN. I looked down and it was of course 11:11....The screenshot shows 11:12, but I didn't take it fast enough. 

Also seeing the story of Simone Biles the gymnast on CNN makes me think of Shawn Johnson the IOWA gymnast...A lot important to Iowa so I looked her up...notice it says her music is the August Rhapsody from the film August Rush...the film is about an 11 year old musical prodigy...

Epstein also died exactly 11 Weeks before Hillary Clinton's bday...Remember her bday is important as it's 10 days before 144 days after Trump's bday. It was the day Trump released the JFK files in 2017 which was the same day we got a story about Marilyn Monroe...who once sang Happy Bday to JFK 10 days before his bday. Plus with Marilyn Manson being in the news with his album all about "10" and the Say10 video had the Trump assassination....then Charles Manson died...The Beach Boys Album 2020 I think is very telling..
Also the story about Halloween being moved to the last Saturday which would be 10/26 this year....Halloween is when my computer crashed last year pointing to all the 11 symbolism..It was the same day Slipknot released the song in which their new album "We Are Not Your Kind" comes from. 
Remember all the Cesar Sayoc package bombs were over this time period as well....10/22 to 11/1...Remember how it was all about politics and then Robert De Niro got one as well...the guy from Taxi Driver..inspired by the diaries of Arthur Bremer who tried to assassinated George Wallace whom Trump has been compared to. Bremer released from prison on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down as well. 

Of course the obvious stuff about Epstein as well...

Jeffrey Epstein=163
Dies 163 days before his bday. 
He dies 34 days(end date) after being charged with Sex Trafficking. 
Sex Trafficking=71=Jeffrey Epstein...
My friend sent me a thing where they were doing CPR on his obvious dead body with a bunch of "Purple". 

Another interesting thing to note..
"Jeffrey Epstein"=215 and 215(FB)
Remember how this number was important to the El Paso shooting/Wall and more...

I never realized before either that 8/10 is 310 days(end date) before Trump's bday. 

Also we got the Mosque shooting in Oslo, Norway on 8/10 too. Think about how Norway/Scandanavia was important to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the TROLL theme. 
The Peer Gynt(Troll) play premiered in Oslo 143 years ago on the day leaving 310 days in the year. 
8/10 leaves 143 days in the year. 

Plus the Christchurch Mosque shootings by Brenton Tarrant were supposedly influenced by the Norwegian attacker Anders Breivik in 2011. That year and number is really important...I wonder what else happened in 2011 that may be a major clue? Plus the attack on 22/7 the number connected to "Pi"=11
Remember too how I said all of this 8/10 and 8/11 stuff is connected to 2016 in which I was documenting about a TROLL theme....Trolls movie...South Park Troll Trace..I was getting Trolled like crazy because of my Jeopardy videos..Remember shortly after this, we really put together how the other ciphers especially "reverse" were important and important to the narrative of "Flipping the script". 
It's what I have been saying forever...the controllers of this world also control the truth/gematria community. They already know what we think we know, and they are programming us with knowledge....It seems that to me that not all of these controllers are bad....we just have to get things wrong in order to see a bigger piece to this knowledge.  

2011 was also the year Ryan Dunn died and we recently got that Bam Margera story with Dr. earlier this year how he went to Rehab....think about Bam in regards to Scandinavia...his shows theme songs are from Finnish/Swedish and such bands...he is an obvious fan of music from that area..

2011 was the year of the Occupy Wall Street movement as well...
Plus the 2011 Tornados such as Joplin and Alabama in which I documented about with the death of Amberly Barnett. There were tornados at that same time that killed people reminding us of the 2011 tornados...
Also the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan of 2011...


  1. A lot of jackass/Johnny Knoxville/Steve O/ Raab Himself videos have randomly been popping up randomly on my YouTube.

  2. I've been looking for connections, and finding them. The connections you find blow me away. But like you, yesterday the 11th I was picking up some gauze and bandage stuff to help with a huge blister i had gotten from those new '88 Vasque boots I was telling you about on a youtube comment and when i was headed back home i looked at the clock and it was about 11:14 and i thought to myself you know i bet my receipt printout has to be close to 11:11. I looked at the receipt and it was 11:11 with the total with tax and everything being 11.10. I just had to share. Of course I then spent some time researching this phenomenon.