Thursday, August 22, 2019

Girl Takes "Rock" from National Park-Rock/Stone Theme

Sam and I have been texting a bit about a "Rock/Stone" theme. 
I had the synchs with David and Goliath(Rock)
Netflix just got Rocko's Modern Life..
The Rock got married..

Now I see this story of a a girl taking a ROCK from a National Park and sending it back...

It makes me think about the Rock being married in Hawaii...when I went to Hawaii years ago, I remember taking some Lava Rocks and a Hawaiin guy freaked out on me so I put them back. 

Rocko's on Rocko's Modern Life is Australian....

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  1. Yea, it has to do with Uranus going into Taurus. Taurus is THE fixed Earth Sign. Dwayne the Rock Johnson is a Taurus. Peter Fonda. Peter is the rock of the church. Think foundation. Dwayne the Rock Johnson turned 47 the day Uranus moved into Taurus. foundation = 47. Three consecutive great conjunctions makes a near perfect equilateral triangle. This happens every 40 years. 40 years is a generational number in the Bible. Of course you had Moses wondering in the wilderness for 40 years. Peter Fonda was 29,029 days old when he died. Height of Mount Everest the tallest Rock on Earth. I had predicted something for Chuck Norris who turns 29,029 days old on September 1st. Had a major synchronicity with him earlier this year. Guy on the show Diesel Brothers said Chuck was his Everest. There was a ton going on with Everest earlier in the year. You mentioned all those 218s. That show initially aired on February 18th.