Friday, August 2, 2019

Saoirse Kennedy Hill dies 10 days before August 11th

I'm going to bed, but I wanted to post this so I don't forget. 
RFK and Kennedy were both important to the Marilyn Manson stuff in regards to 10 days before...
It's interesting RFK's granddaughter dies 10 days before 8/11 a big day we have been following. 
Remember 8/11 is 66 days after 6/6 when RFK died as well. 
RFK also died in 68' which was important to 9/11 and we got the Al Qaeda story today as well. 

The Buffy stuff became really important this past year because of my post on 11/22 which reminds us of JFK. 

Ha I just realized something too...Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie came out 3 months 10 days before 10th my bday.

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