Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Survives Plane Crash on Napoleon's Bday-Nascar-FRANCE-Wall-Pope-Royal Family

This story comes 56 days before his bday..
Jim France=56(current CEO)
Plane Crash=56
Fifty Six=44....Remember all the 44's from my previous info. 
Dale Jr. is 44 years old. 
They gave us a story of Dale Jr. driving his fathers Hellman's car 4 months and 4 day before he is going to drive it at Darlington. It was the Car Dale Sr. debuted in 44 years ago. 
Dale Sr. died 194 days before the race in Darlington..Brenda Jackson died 194 days after Dale Jr's bday. 
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr=194
I even mentioned how she died just before Talladega and Chase Elliott won at Talladega the same day they told us about Dale Jr. driving the Hellmanns car....Elliott also sometimes drives that car in Xfinity....I mentioned how the film Talladega Nights was important to the date of 8/4...then Chase Elliott wins the race on 8/4...

Funny this story comes on the anniversary of Napoleon's bday or the 227th day of the year in the 227th anniversary of the fall of "French Monarchy"=227. 
Remember how Nascar is important to France and also to the Royal Family? .In 2015 Nascar/Charlotte/Michael Jordan was 52...Princess Charlotte born on 5/2...
Michael Jordan is 56 years old now...and Prince Archie was born on 5/6 this year. 
Royal Family=56

Nascar founded by Bill FRANCE. 
France important to 227 this year and today is the 227th day of the year...
49th prime is 227...Dale Sr. died age 49 on the 49th day...Brenda Jackson died 4 months 9 days before the Darlington Race that Dale Jr. is doing a tribute to his father. 
The Cup Series began in 49'. 
Chase Elliott's bday is 49 days after Dale Jr's. 

Dale Jr.s bday leaves 82 days in the year..
Bill France=82 and died age 82. 
Today is also 8/2 on the JULIAN Calendar I have mentioned so much about. 
Dale Jr. is racing in the Xfinity Race at Darlington on 8/31 as a tribute to his father's car....It's the anniversary of Princess Diana dying in FRANCE. 
Darlington Raceway=82
Chase Elliott=82(also drives that car) and his bday 82 days before the anniversary of Dale Sr. dying. He won Talladega and then again on 8/4 which I talked about being important to Talladega Nights and the French Guy.  
I'm wondering about Pope Francis(France) because he is 82 years old and last year I was talking about the date of 8/18/18 being important to his 81st bday...8/31 will be 8/18 on the Julian Calendar this year.
He was flying in to go to..
Bristol Motor Speedway=266
Dale Earnhardt Jr=266
Pope Francis the 266th Pope who went to the White House on the 266th day of the year....3/13/13(2nd 6th 6th primes). 
He also arrived in the United States on 9/22 which was the 223rd anniversary of the French Republic being established. 
Friday the Thirteenth=223
Napoleone di Buonaparte=223
The Paris Attacks happened on Friday the Thirteenth...The Knights Templar were arrested on Friday the Thirteenth in FRANCE which led to their demise. 
Interesting this year Friday the Thirteenth is on 9/13 which is 8/31 on the Julian Calendar..
It's also interesting at 9/13 will be in the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore that came in 1814...the same year Napoleon's first reign ended...
Knights Templar=205
The Templars originally were to protect the Pilgrims to the Holy Land in Jerusalem from being attacked. 
Another interesting thing I mentioned a long time ago with the Paris Attacks was that it happened on HALLOWEEN of the Julian Calendar. 
The French Train Attack also happened 2 months 23 days before the Isis attack...

Remember we got the Paris attacks a day before Prince Charles bday that year too..
Paris France=56
In 2015 I was saying how 56 and 91 seem to be important numbers in regards to major death events. 

I think that's why this story was at the ELIZABETHton Airport..

This story comes 190 days after the 67th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth being the Queen....It's 2019...67th prime is 19....
King Charles=190

It's also 190 days before the anniversary of Nascar being founded..
Darlington Raceway=190

It's also 91 days before and 9 months 1 day after Prince Charles bday...
King Charles III=91
Think about it being the 67th year of year reign in the year 19'. I've been saying that 9/19/19 is seemingly an important date to the Queen too. 
I never noticed that "Princess Diana"=262(FB) until now either. 
Remember 9/19 is the 262nd day..
Queen=26 and 62 and also 19(rev red)
The Xfinity Race that Dale Jr. will race is on 8/31, but the Monster Energy Cup race in Darlington will be on 9/1..
Also 9/19/19 will be Pope Francis 6th year 6th month 6th day as Pope. 
There's a definite pattern with this stuff as the House of Windsor was established on 7/17/17 too.
Also in regards to Prince Charles...his bday is 3 months 4 days after 8/10..
He will be 71 years old....Remember Diana born on 7/1...which was 7 months 17 days after Charles bday...Princess Camilla born on 7/17. Diana died in connection to Queen Elizabeth's 71st bday..House of Windsor 7/17/17 will end when she dies. 
CHARLIE Hebdo happened on 1/7 or 7/1 in 2015. 

Notice today is also 3 months 10 days(end date) after 5/6. 

It's also 310 days(end date) after Dale Jr.'s bday...
Remember the Charlie Hebdo attack was 310 days before the Isis Attack as well. 

Yellowvest Movement about OIL...think about Nascar in regards to OIL as well. Jamal Khashoggi's cousin dying with Princess Diana..

There is also a Friday the Thirteenth on 12/13/19...or 13/12 which is interesting as the Knights Templar was dissolved in the year 1312. 

I'm also really curious about the date of 10/6 now...
Remember how 9/23 and the Pope's visit were so important and then nothing happened...but then we got the Paris Attacks 52 days(end date) after 9/23...or 52 days after the day he arrived in America...This year the big day being programmed was 8/11 which is 56 days before 10/6....Today is 52 days before 10/6...
Nascar=56, 106
Pope=52, 56
Isis=52, 56
Just think about how it's connected to Princess Charlotte/MJ and so on in 2015 important to 5/2. (Nascar established on 52nd day)
Now this year it's important to 5/6...
Also 10/6 is important as it's 9/23 on the Julian Calendar. 

8/11 to 9/23 is also 43 days...
Nascar=43(rev red), 56, 106(reverse)
1 month 12 days....1-1-2 the emergency dialing code...

Plus 10/6 was the day Michael Jordan first retired that was connected to the country Jordan's capital of Philadelphia being destroyed by earthquakes...
Kyle Busch=106

Would you believe Herbert Hoover also made his only southern campaign stop in Elizabethton and gave a speech on 10/6 too...
Think about Dale Sr. and the Wall symbolism that is connected to Wall Street..
Hoover's bday of 8/10...

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  1. Pope’s schedule for journeys to Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius

    The Vatican releases a revised programme for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journeys to Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius, set to take place on September 4-10.

    Wednesday, 4 September 2019
    Mozambique (GMT +2): Rome-Maputo
    - 8 AM: Departure from Rome’s Fiumicino airport
    - 6:30 PM: Welcome ceremony upon arrival at Maputo airport

    Thursday, 5 September
    Mozambique: Maputo
    - 9:45 AM: Courtesy visit to the president at the Palacio da Ponta Vermelha
    - 10:15 AM: Meeting with authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps at the Palacio da Ponta Vermelha (Speech by the Pope)
    - 11 AM: Interreligious meeting with young people at the Maxaquene Pavilion. (Speech by the Pope)
    - Lunch at the Apostolic Nunciature
    - 4:15 PM: Meeting with bishops, priests, religious, seminarians and catechists at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (Speech by the Pope)

    Friday, 6 September
    Madagascar: Maputo-Antananarivo
    - 8:45 AM: Visit to Zimpeto Hospital near Maputo (Greeting by the Pope)
    - 10 AM: Mass in Zimpeto Stadium (Homily by the Pope)
    - 12:25 PM: Farewell ceremony at Maputo airport
    -12:40 PM: Departure from Maputo for Antananarivo, Madagascar
    - 4:30 PM: Arrival ceremony at Antananarivo airport

    Saturday, 7 September
    Madagascar (GMT +3): Antananarivo
    - 9:30 AM: Courtesy visit to the president in the Iavoloha Palace
    - 10:15 AM: Meeting with government authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps in the Ceremony Building (Speech by the Pope)
    - 11:15 AM: Recitation of midday prayer in the Discalced Carmelite monastery (Homily by the Pope)
    - Lunch in the Apostolic Nunciature
    - 4 PM: Meeting with the bishops of Madagascar in the Andohalo Cathedral (Speech by the Pope)
    - 5:10 PM: Visit to the tomb of Blessed Victoire Rasoamanarivo.
    - 6 PM: Vigil with young people at the Soamandrakizay diocesan field (Speech by the Pope)

    Sunday, 8 September
    Madagascar: Antananarivo
    - 10 AM: Mass at the Soamandrakizay diocesan field (Homily by the Pope)
    - Lunch with the papal entourage at the Nunciature
    - 3:10 PM: Visit to the Akamasoa “Community of Good Friends” (Greeting by the Pope)
    - 4 PM: Prayer for workers at the Mahatzana building site (Prayer by the Pope)
    - 5:10 PM: Meeting with priests, religious, and seminarians in the College of St. Michael (Speech by the Pope)

    Monday, 9 September
    Madagascar: Antananarivo - Port Louis, Mauritius (GMT +4) - Antananarivo
    - 7:30 AM: Departure by airplane for Port Louis
    - 10:40 AM: Arrival ceremony at the Port Louis airport
    - 12:15 PM: Mass at the monument to Mary, Queen of Peace (Homily by the Pope)
    - Lunch with members of the Episcopal Conference of the Indian Ocean.
    - 4:25 PM: Private visit to the Shrine of Blessed Jacques-Desire Laval, the “apostle of Mauritus”
    - 4:55 PM: Courtesy visit with the president in the presidential palace
    - 5:15 PM: Meeting with the prime minister in the presidential palace
    - 5:40 PM: Meeting with government authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps in the presidential palace (Speech by the Pope)
    - 6:45 PM: Farewell ceremony at the Port Louis airport
    - 7 PM: Departure by airplane to Antananarivo
    - 8 PM: Arrival at Antananarivo airport

    Tuesday, 10 September
    Madagascar: Antananarivo - Rome
    - 9 AM: Farewell ceremony at the Antananarivo airport
    - 9:20 AM: Departure for Rome
    - 7 PM: Arrival at Rome’s Ciampino airport