Saturday, May 19, 2018

RENO randomly brought up last night after I posted about 9/11 and Reno on a blog post.

My friend Cody was back in town last night and we went up to the bar around midnight. His half sister and her boyfriend were in town as well and they came too. I only mention this because I've known him for about 10 years and I didn't even know he had a sister lol. In my defense it's never really came up in our conversation and she didn't live with him since I've known him. 
Anyway the reason for this post is because as we were walking home last night, she was telling me that she's been coming to Dunlap for years and has a few friends. She then asked me if I knew Jenn RENO. I don't really know her, but I know who she is. I know her boyfriend a lot more than her....What are the odds though? Before I went to the bar I made a blog post in which I talked about Hillary Clinton collapsing on 9/11 the same day we got a plane crash in RENO. Then just before the election Trump got removed on the stage in RENO because someone yelled "Gun". Then 2 days after that Janet RENO died. 

I went to Jenn's facebook to see what her bday was, but I don't see where it says her birthday. I did notice an interesting thing though...she posted about getting engaged on November 13th and notice yesterday is exactly 1 year before their wedding odd is that. They got engaged on Nov. 12th though, but she posted it on the 13th.  I just posted a post I meant to post last night about Greg Abbott being born on 11/13 just like Metta World Peace, but I didn't push publish until a few minutes ago. I was still researching him before I went to the bar so I didn't post it and then forgot to finish it. So possibly something more about the date of 11/13 that I'm supposed to see? 

Reno is a interesting word in Gematria as well. 
Reno=25, 52, 20(rev red), 56(reverse), 175(Jewish), 192(satanic)
Pope=25, 52, 11(rev red), 56(revese), 175(Jewish), 192(satanic)
They share more ciphers than what I listed above too. 

I don't think I posted about it on the last post but RENO 911 the tv show also aired 88 episodes...
Trump=88 and so on...88 important to Cuba..see the Cuba airplane crash post. 

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