Thursday, August 23, 2018

Kyrie Irving name "Little Mountain" by Standing Rock Sioux-More Indians-Red Sox connections-ASIA?

Yet another connection to the Indians and the Red Sox. 
A story of the Dakota access pipeline with Kyrie Irving? 

Think about Irving going from Cleveland to Boston. 
Kyrie Irving=147, 150(reverse)
World Series=147, 150(reverse)

Also today the Indians vs the Red Sox recent series against each other ended today with a 7-0 loss by the Indians. 
Haven't won in 70 years..

Of course this story also comes 212 days before Kyrie Irving's bday. 
Kyrie Andrew Irving=212

Little Mountain=85(rev red), 185
Basketball=85, 185(Reverse)
Red Sox=85

While writing up this blog post I was uploading my new Mollie Tibbetts video. I literally clicked publish and then I got this message on my old Mollie Tibbetts video. 
Anyway the only reason I am posting this is because the person's name is Aziah....This just stands out to me, because the article says Kyrie Irving's sister is named "ASIA" and we also have the Marilyn Manson/ASIA Argento stuff in the news....
Boston Celtics=78(rev red)
Not sure what she is wearing in the picture but it almost looks like a Boston Celtics jersey haha. It's just the green and white make me think of the Celtics. 

Asia makes me think of 2 things right off the bat....the 114th world series connected to World War....and Asia....but also I made a video in regards to ASIANA Flight 214 and how it was connected to the Boston Red Sox winning in 2013. 
Asiana Flight 214 Blog Post-Boston Red Sox
Southwest Airlines Engine Explodes 2018-Asiana Flight 214