Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mass Shooting in Jacksonville at Madden 19 Tournament

The first thing I noticed when seeing this story is the game that was playing was at the Atlanta Falcons stadium. It was actually the Falcons playing the Falcons too. 
This is where Super Bowl 53 will be held. 
It's also funny as just a few days ago I was looking into Jacksonville because of the death of Ed King who was in the Jacksonville band Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

GLHF Game Bar=53, 80, 55(rev red)
Video Games=53
Super Bowl LIII=80
Mercedes Benz Stadium=80
David Katz=55(rev red)

This also comes 5 months 9 days(end date) before the Super Bowl. 
Atlanta, Georgia=59

Oh the odds this comes just 1 day after the Falcons lost to Jacksonville in the preseason game. 

Interesting too the shooter is from Baltimore and a Ravens fan. 
Notice the Ravens also played the Miami Dolphins yesterday..
Jacksonville=43, 191
43rd prime is 191. 
Also it's interesting the score was 7-0 when the shooting began. 
Chicago Pizza=70
David Katz=35, 145
Chicago Illinois=145
Interesting that next week the Falcons play Miami too. 
Honestly I can't help but think about my Uncle Barney in regards to the Miami/Falcons connections either. 

Also interesting how Atlanta and Philadelphia(SB 51 winner) open up the NFL season this year. 

Jacksonville Landing=112(rev red) and 319(reverse)
Super Bowl=112(reverse)

They are also comparing it to the Pulse nightclub shooting and Stoneman Douglas. Look how perfect it syncs up. 
It's 2 months 14 days after the anniversary of the Pulse shooting that happened on 6/12. 
Pulse shooting was 612 days before Stoneman Douglas on 2/14. 
This shooting also 6 months 12 days after Stoneman Douglas. 

Orlando Strong=612. 

Also I'm thinking about Trumps meeting with Kim Jong Un on 6/12 and how Russia supposedly released the video showing how they could missile Florida..
World War=612

Also how interesting this game came out on August 10th...the big number I have mentioned a lot all summer. 810....Rocky Colavito's bday...

There was also controversy with this games soundtrack in regards to Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem. 
I never noticed "Colin Rand Kaepernick"=114(rev red)..

John Madden=43
Notice he will be 83 years old next year. 
A perfect year for him to possibly die....
Also he was born in AUSTIN, Minnesota.....
Interesting as recently the Pink stuff had the connection to AUSTIN. 
Austin, Minnesota located on 43N. 

Today also the anniversary of the BRIDGEWATER Shooting. 

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