Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rainbow appears at Tigers Vs Cubs game during Moment of Silence for Aretha Franklin

I just went to CNN and saw this story....think about how the Cubs also got Daniel MURPHY today. Aretha Franklin connected to the Blues Brothers and the death of Matt MURPHY. Now we get this special occurrence at the Tigers vs Cubs game? 

Rainbow=37, 44
Detroit=37, 44

Respect, Forever Our Queen=114(rev red)

With Kevin Spacey back in the news and I just saw an article about Rose McGowan...also Marilyn reminds me of the Family Guy episode I talked about in November last had the song "Gonna buy me a Rainbow". 

Also interesting that "Rainbow"=44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107


  1. Tonight at work they were talking about the Blues Brothers on the radio. I couldn't help but laugh.

  2. Another Earthquake on the news. a 7.3In Venezuela on Tuesday