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Synchronicty with Muppets-The HappyTime Murders-Family Guy-Cleveland-MOLLY/MOORE symbolism-Ralph/Fat Comedians

Last night I went up to my parents house and my nephew was there. His mom and dad were doing something and then decided to go see this above movie. Anyway my mom was working and my dad wanted to go to bed, so I took my nephew up to my house. He wanted to play Mario on the WiiU anyway....While he was here his mom(my sister) called and made sure it was ok that he came up here. I said it was fine and that our mom was picking him up when she got off work anyway.....My sister then told me about this movie they were going to see, and I had never heard of. She sent me a link to the trailer and told me not to watch it with my nephew around because it's about Muppets, but for Adults(similar to Sausage Party). 
I watched the trailer late last night before going to bed and thought it looked somewhat funny. 
Jasmine works overnights and she was super tired this morning so I got up with Zamien early this morning. I can't really do much when he's awake so I figured I'd try and find that movie on Kodi and watch it. 
It was an "ok" movie, but I really didn't like it that much. Maybe because I was so tired and only halfway watched it? Or maybe it's because I think "Tammy" is a dumb movie too and I just don't get the Melissa McCarthy humor? 
Jasmine later took Zamien to go pick up Claire at her grandma's and was gone for a while. I went back to sleep. When they got back home I cooked supper and sat down. Claire wanted to watch Troll Hunters, but Jasmine and I were like, "Let's watch something else". I didn't know what to watch so I just said how about Family Guy because at least it's a cartoon that Claire still likes...
Jasmine then turned on Family Guy to a random episode.....of course the episode begins with a skit about MUPPETS being on Drugs...similar to the movie I had watched earlier today. The first 2 things I watch on TV today involve adult rated Muppets?  

What else is funny to me is that they show a scene with Cleveland and then the next scene is Brian watching a Clint Eastwood Film becoming Blood Brothers with an Indian....Brian and Stewie then become blood brothers and he gives Stewie Herpes which is a major plot line in the show. 
What are the odds it involves Indians though? 
Remember Eastwood is connected to Back to the Future that's connected to the Cubs....he's also 88 years old currently. Also connected to the "Bridge" stuff with the Bridges of Madison County. 

What I think is even funnier is that I'm sitting down again  and now they are both sleeping but they turned on The Cleveland Show...Cleveland a big topic of things I've recently documented...

Melissa McCarthy=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Interesting today is her 48th bday too. Of all days to randomly watch one of her movies it was today. 
Born in 70' and turned 48'. 
Indians=70....Haven't won in 70 years, or since 48'. 

Also she's known for starrring in the TV Show "Mike and Molly". She of course was the character MOLLY. 
Think about how I have documented the importance of this lately? 
I've never watched the TV show, but I have seen a few pieces of episodes I think. 
The show is set in Chicago....

There was also a controversy in the show in regards to a racial joke about drunk Indians?
Interesting it involves Arizona....thinking about John McCain and the Arizona Connection....remember the Diamondbacks won after 9/11 too on 11/ the Chase Field connection..I still think it's connected to the Cubs Indians but something to think about. Remember in 2016 it was connected to Arizona too in regards to the film the Darkness and the Anasazi's.  

It was the 63rd episode....
Native American=63

Also they pulled the season 3 finale due to it showing a tornado hitting Chicago and it was on the anniversary of the MOORE tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013? 
Remember the Molly stuff was connected to MOORE. 
Just wow. 

Would you believe that Moore, Oklahoma is also in CLEVELAND, County Oklahoma? 
See how it says the storm followed a similar path to the 1999 BRIDGE Creek-Moore Tornado too? 

Remember in regards to Rocky Colavito too. 
Native American=810

The episode they pulled and aired the next week was the 70th episode too. 

Also the show aired 127 episodes and ended in 2016 the same year the Indians lost to the Cubs. Remember 127 was important to the Indians that year. 
Look at the episode before that which aired the same day too...
Curse of the Bambino?....the Curse connected to the Red Sox who have a relationship with the Indians...
It was also season 6 episode 12.....The 612 that has been important or noticed since the Stoneman Douglas shooting...
The curse of the Bambino stems back to 1918 which was the when standing during the national anthem became popular and the Red Sox beat the Cubs in the WS. Remember the Cubs had Grover Cleveland Alexander on that team too who died on 11/4/50(114th WS). 

Funny in the episode Curse of the Bambino they are trying to adopt a child. She starts praying saying how she's had her differences with God such as the Diseases and then says I mean come on the fitting the Cubs go on to break their Curse later that year. 

Also in regards to this show being about Fat Comedians I can't help but think about this....The other day I got this message about contacting me from Aziah an obvious girl in the picture. I gave her my email address and when I got an email it says it's from Ralph Emmerson?....I'm not sure exactly why this is, but it seems odd and reminded me of Ralphie May and Fat Comedians. 
She has a Facebook and I'm sure it's a legit person, but seeing Ralph is something I am supposed to see. 
It almost has to be a play on Ralph Waldo Emerson? 

Now today I get a comment on my Ralphie May dying video that says, "8675309" lol. So there is something I'm supposed to figure out with this.
Melisa Mccarthy=169
Rocky Colavito=169

The big number with Fat Comedians was 124...
Family Guy=124

Possibly Mike or Molly is dying soon? Or in connection to this? 
Or maybe it's still something with John Goodman/Chattanooga?
Remember Ralphie May was super connected to the World Series and Houston...

Billy Gardell who plays "Mike" also was on the 11th episode of Young Sheldon....this is the episode where he starts the religion of binary and it's all about 1's and 0's..."God"=10=Satan and so on..
I'm pretty sure he's on other episodes too, but Wiki decides to tell us of only 1 episode. 
Possibly it's the first episode he was on though...I know the 17th episode he is on too as his daughter is bullying Sheldon. 

In regards to McCarthy too it's interesting the coach of the Boston Red Sox when they lost to the Indians in 1948 was Joe McCarthy. Notice he died in 78'(Cleveland), but also won a bunch of WS with the New York(78) Yankees. 
He was also the coach who traded Grover Cleveland Alexander away from the Cubs...He quit coaching in 1950 which was the same year Grover Cleveland died just after the Yankees won the WS. 

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