Saturday, August 4, 2018

Osama bin Laden's mother CNN story-more 9/11 symbolism in 2018.

Yet another reminder of 9/11 in the mainstream media. 
Notice it comes 39 days before the anniversary of 9/11..
New York=39=NY=Empire and so on....

Today is 8/3. 

Just researching a bit...I never knew Osama's Father died in a PLANE Crash on 9/3 or 3/9 too....of all days...
Flight 93....93rd floor...93' bombing and so on...

Wikipedia says he had 56 children, but the CNN article says different....
Osama Bin Laden=56, 110
Hamida Al-Attas=110(Osama's mother)
110 story WTC. 
Long Silence=56
Nine one One=56

Adolf Hitler=56

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