Friday, August 3, 2018

Film called "Cleveland Abduction" trending on Showbox-Dark Knight-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I'm sitting here on the computer like usual and Claires cartoon turned off. She finally went to bed, and it was too quiet...I figured I would turn on a movie for at least some background noise. Anyway I went to Showbox and went to the movies page...Of course in the trending movies there would be a film called "Cleveland Abduction". 
It's a film from 2015 about the Ariel Castro guy kidnapping the 3 girls. "A real Castro". 
Remember the news kept showing "Michelle Knight" with a blacked out picture reminding us of the "Dark Knight"....they were found within the next year after the Batman shooting that was connected to Sandy Hook. 

Oddly enough I would see this film and remember the connections to Batman....
Remember the Batman shooting happened on the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon(7/20)...
The Dark Knight Rises=206
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Ironically that film also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it as well. 

Think about 3rd Rock from the Sun too that is set just outside of Cleveland....

Ha it says it's set 52 miles outside of Cleveland...
Think about it...The 3rd planet is Earth...
Third Rock=52

Interesting as earlier Yahoo said Charlie Sheen was trending so I clicked on him and noticed he is currently 52 years old...."Wild Thing"=52
This movie that started my post came out on 5/2 in 2015. 
Thinking about how Cleveland won the first sports championship in 51 years 5 months 23 days...but a lot of places reported it as 52 years. 

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