Thursday, August 30, 2018

Teddy BRIDGEWATER gets traded to New Orleans Saints-Colin Kaepernick Flag symbolism-RAMS-Nebraska-Obama-Kid Rock-Lots of my Old info in connection-Blues Brothers SOUL Man at Super Bowl 31

Teddy Bridgewater gets traded to the New Orleans Saints. 

This is the perfect place for someone named "Bridgewater" to go considering New Orleans is home to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. It's the worlds longest bridge over water..
Thinking about the song..."Bridge over Troubled Water" as well in regards to Hurricane Katrina...Ironically Hurricane Katrina hit on 8/29 which is the same day Bridgewater got traded to New Orleans. 
Now this is interesting....Remember I have a huge playlist in regards to Teddy Bridgewater and how it's connected to Moses/Rams/Colin Kaepernick/Earthquakes/Nebraska Cornhuskers/Death of Dwayne Wade's Cousin....
Link to a Playlist on these stories all being connected

So we get the Jacksonville story that is connected to the New Orleans Saints on 8/26....
This was also the anniversary of Colin Kaepernick kneeling story becoming popular when he knelt against the Packers. 
Dwayne Wade's cousin died on same day Kaepernick knelt. 

Remember in 2015 we also got the BRIDGEWATER Shooting on 8/26. 

Also a big thing that was connected in the old videos was in regards to LSU and Leonard interesting he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars...Fournette born on 1/18 which is interesting to what I was mentioning....Fournette supposed to be the next Adrian Peterson....Peterson left the Vikings to the Saints. 

In 2015 Bridgewater got injured against the RAMS on 11/8 which was also ex RAM Sam Bradford's bday. Then in 2016 Bridgewater got injured in practice just before playing the RAMS. Then when Bridgewater got hurt the Vikings picked up Sam Bradford. Then in 2017 when Bradford got hurt the Vikings picked up Ex Ram Case Keenum who got to play for the Rams when they benched Nick Foles(former Ram). Nick Foles was traded to the RAMS for Sam Bradford. Nick Foles of course the Eagle who won SB 52. 
Kaepernicks final Start of 2015 was against the Rams and the last game he played in 2015 was on 11/8. Then in 2016 Kaepernick didn't start in the first game that was of course against the RAMS. Then he started every other game....The 49ers only won 2 games that season, both against the RAMS. The 49ers play in Levi's Stadium...Moses was in the tribe of Levi and brought in the age of Aries...Aries is the RAM. I was also talking about the Chiefs and Alex Smith playing in the Sea of Red at the time. 

There's so much to this ongoing story, it's a mindfuck. Remember in 2015 during the NBA All Star Week we had The Teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins win the rising star challenge. Then Teen Wolf Zach Lavine win the Slam Dunk Contest, Then Westbrook the MVP of the All star Game....Wiggins traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love who played for UCLA...Lavine played for UCLA, Westbrook played for UCLA....A few weeks after this the T-wolves got Kevin Garnett back too. He is the original Teen Wolf. If you watch Teen Wolf it's all about the Nebraska Cornhuskers yet the film is not set or filmed in Nebraska. Then Nebraska got Mike Riley for a coach in 2015. He was known for coaching the Oregon State Beavers which is where the mascot in the movie Teen Wolf is based of off(Beavers). Nebraska had a 5-7 record yet somehow still got a bowl game against UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl...which was played in Levi's Stadium. Then 2016 the day after Obama's final state of the Union speech he came to Omaha Nebraska and gave a speech at UNO. UNO is part of the University of Nebraska System....that same day we got the death of former Husker and RAM Lawrence Phillips. The reason Nebraska is important is because for one they play in the Sea of Red....Moses parted the Red Sea....LINCOLN supposedly freed the slaves, just like Moses Freed the Slaves. Think about that in regards to the racism/kneeling propaganda they just keep building. 
Anyway then Obama went to Baton Rouge and gave a speech at McKinley HS. Then later that summer we got the Alton Sterling(Baton Rouge) and Philando Castile(Falcon Heights) stories. William McKinley assassinated just after his VP TEDDY Roosevelt gave a famous speech about carrying a big stick in Falcon Heights. (Baton rouge named after the Red Stick too). 

Another thing connecting Nebraska was the death of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler(Michigan St) in 2016. Nebraska upset Michigan St. in 2015 the same weekend Bridgewater was injured against the RAMS. Then Sam Foltz died 192 days after Lawrence Phillips...
Foster Farms Bowl=192
Foster Farms Bowl also Foltz last game. 
Scott Frost became the starter at Nebraska the year after Phillips left and played for the Rams. Tom Brady became the starter at Michigan the year after Scott Frost's last season with Nebraska where they shared the championship with Michigan. 

Funny how when my Uncle Clancy died I said there is going to be a big connection to the Nebraska Cornhuskers again most likely. He didn't even really seem to have a favorite team(Iowa), he just hated the Huskers. We used to have Huskers Hate party's every week at his house. Now the Huskers get Scott Frost...there's a piece I'm missing with him...Even funnier to me is his daughter Katie's husband is a huge Nebraska and Rams fan. His bday is also 2-22 which is the 53rd day of the year...SB 53. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Mike Riley=53 born in 53'. 
N=5 U=3
Nebraska has been in 53 bowl games. 
Herbie the love bug was car #53. 
Also think about the Child Molesting stuff in recent news. Remember Nebraska was the first team to play Penn State after the Jerry Sandusky stuff and before the game all the players took a KNEE and prayed. 
Also in Tommy Boy it has the 239 on his american history book and he says Herbie Hancock and the film is set in Sandusky, Ohio. 
Funny too that in one of my Nebraska posts I mentioned the death of George Michael age 53 and how there has to be a connection to Limp Bizkit the Jacksonville band....

I really think a team to watch this year is the RAMS. Possibly just being used in the symbolism, but they also were pretty good last year so it wouldn't be that surprising.....Also think about how the RAMS were originally from Cleveland...then when the Baltimore Ravens became a team the Browns didn't play again until 1999 which was when the Rams won their only Super Bowl of course in Atlanta too. 

Also with all the connection Andrew Jackson I can't help but think of Jackson, Mississipi and the Kid Rock song. Remember Kid Rock was also part of when Timberlake showed Janet Jackson's boob while she was singing songs of Rhythm Nation 1814. (Year national anthem wrote). 
He also said Fuck Colin Kaepernick at one of his concerts in 2016 and is against the kneeling. 
It also seems odd to me that he has a song called that considering he is from Detroit. 
Remember too I had synchronicity with Kid Rock in regards to an Alligator that was connected to the boy ate by the alligator at Disney land where I first mentioned Andrew Jackson on my blog...That boy was ate on Trump's bday or FLAG Day...His name was LANE Reminding us of the recent Hurricane LANE. I had synchronicity with a Simpsons episode called "Kill the Alligator" and run" that also had Charlie Rose on it. Remember Charlie Rose was accused of Sexual harrassment just after Charles Manson died. Rose gave a famous interview with Charles Manson....Manson all about the Flag symbolism...The Simpson's episode also shows a desecrated Flag...
Kid Rock=316 and 166
Tebow had the 316 game and so on...original Kneeler. 
Lane Graves=166(boy ate by alligator)
Charles Milles Maddox=316
He was born on 316th day and died 3 months 16 days after the TATE murders. 
Jesus Christ=316(Yeshu)
John 3:16. 

I then had synchronicity again with the same episode while writing up my post about PINK singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. I pointed out she recorded the song "There You Go" in Atlanta...which is where SB 53 will be(team playing on Madden). 

Remember too when Donald Trump was roasted it was actually supposed to be Kid Rock but he canceled it. 

Also I see the Blues Brothers performed at Super Bowl 31 in New Orleans for the Halftime Show. 
The song "Soul Man" is actually by Sam and Dave......which is Sam interesting is that? 
Think about Aretha Franklin being the Queen of SOUL too. 
Then think about Soul's in regards to the Ghost Theme synchronicity I had with my friend Sam Moores....haha it's just crazy. 


  1. Another interesting thing with me and SOUL.... remember my old band? We played SOUL music, kind of a Barry White parody theme.

  2. Mercedes benz stadium, home of superbowl 53. Opened on 8/26.