Monday, August 27, 2018

Jacksonville Shooting in connection to Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans-Allman Brothers-Moore-Other thoughts

I saw on Zach's blog how a Jaguar escaped from the Zoo in New Orleans 43 days before the Jacksonville shooting by David KATZ...
John Madden=43
The Jaguars opened their preseason against the New Orleans Saints...

Anyway what I haven't seen anyone point out is that Jacksonville is named after Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson is famous for winning the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. 
This battle marked the end of the War of 1812 as well. 

Think about that in regards to the Madden 19' editing out Colin Kaepernick in the Soundtrack...reminding us of the kneeling during the national anthem....The Star Spangled Banner was written during this war as well. 
Of course the Shooter was from Baltimore and the National Anthem written during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. 

Think about Ed Calhoun King of Lynyrd Skynyrd dying just before this as well...
John C. Calhoun was Andrew Jackson's Vice president. 

In 2016 I documented about Andrew Jackson in regards to the Native American Theme and Donald Trump as well....Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act and so on...

It's also interesting this attack in Audubon....
Remember this was important during the Super Bowl with my sister and the Eagles. 
What else I find strange is that for the longest time I have told Claire not to climb on the top of the couches. She always tells me that she's pretending to be a Jaguar...It's just pretty specific. She's not a "Cat" or a "Lion"...she's a Jaguar. 


It's also interesting in regards to Hurricane LANE as in my posts about Andrew Jackson I talked about the boy being ate by the alligator named Lane Graves. He was killed at Disneyland and I just saw an article about Disneyland paying their workers 15 dollars an hour now...

We also had the story about John McCain's time in Jacksonville.
A story about Serena Williams and CAT. 
Death of Lynyrd Skynyrd member(Jacksonville Band). 
Funny too we got the death of Jonathan Davis' wife and in my post I brought up the "Blind" theme I had mentioned earlier this year. I mentioned how it was weird I documented about Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit(Jacksonville) and then I had synchronicity with the band Korn. I even just documented the same thing a few days ago. 

There also has to be some connection to the Allman Brothers....
Remember Duane died age 24 in a motorcycle accident...
Then Berry Oakley died age 24 in a motorcycle accident just blocks away from where Dwayne died. 
Last year Butch Trucks supposedly killed himself on the 24th day of 2017. 
Freebird was a tribute to the Deaths of Duane and Berry...
The plane that killed Ronny Van Zant had 24 passengers. 
The Saints beat the Jaguars with 24 points to start the preseason. 
The Jaguars in their 24th season...
David Katz the shooter was 24 years old. 

Also the recent "Moore" theme I documented with the death of the Allman Brothers...I also talked about Cher married to Gregg Allman and singing the National Anthem at SB 33 when the Falcons lost. Remember the Dolphins QB's were Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill....then we got Matt Ryan in the SB with the Falcons. 

Also the person got shot in the "Thumb"=239(satanic)
Remember how 239 is important to the Flag stuff. 

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  1. well duane allman did that recording of the weight with aretha franklin... which was in muscle shoals alabama... ed king writer of sweet home alabama dies...