Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pennsylvania Catholic Priest Sex Abuse-Youtube Changing my Thumbnail to Father Howard(child molester) in 2016-Spotlight(Boston)

In light of all the things I keep documenting about is very interesting this story of Priests molesting kids has blown up in the media...
I've been documenting about this topic for a long time now. It is interesting too in regards to how Cleveland and Boston have a relationship with 1948....I documented a bunch about the Priests in the film "Spotlight" that is about the 87 priests in Boston..

Also remember how Youtube changed the thumbnail on my Cleveland Indians/Finger symbolism video to a picture of Father Howard....Father Howard the priest who did weird things to me as a child...also it's been an inside joke he molested me for years...then he got kicked out of the church for molesting a kid. 
All of the priest symbolism went back to the Jesuit Priest in my town Father Paul who died at the Jesuit residence of Creighton....Remember he lived on the Indian Reservation in Rosebud, South Dakota......The guy who reached out to me about the Price is Right mentioned Rosebud, South Dakota as well...He said his brother in law was a minister at Rosebud, Oregon which is where Bob Barker was born..then he was a meteorologist in Springfield, MO where Barker grew up..

Funny I just documented about my Cousin and Aerosmith and in one of the posts I mentioned that, I also mentioned the Price is Right Guy....
Aerosmith and the Price is Right Guy Link

All of this stuff is seemingly pointing to a big event in the works. 

I was thinking about how I keep saying the number 127 is important to the Cleveland Indians....Something sparked my brain that Pearl Harbor happened on the date of 12/'s interesting because of the 114th World Series..."World War"=114

Think about the above video too in regards to Finger...Then think about the "PINKY" Finger. 

Look at that haha...the picture the thumbnail came from was from an old song I put up on youtube about Father Howard on 2/7/15...The day they changed the picture to him was on my Finger video was 10/23/16. 
624 days difference.....oh the odds. 
Also 10/23 this year is when the World Series begins. 
World Series=147

It's why my FATHER has been important and born on 11/4(April 11th)...His bday is 6 months 24 days before 11/4(Nov. 4th)..His license plate with "624" on it. 

Howard Edward Fitzgerald=119
He got removed from the Catholic Church after 35 year son 1/19..2015. (1+19+15=35)
Indians=70, 119(reverse)
Francis=70, 119(reverse)
Funny the original story of him being a molester came out on 6/30/2014 and although he was removed on 1/19, the stories didn't come until 1/22....thats a span of 6 months 24 days. 
In my old post I also talked about how I didn't know about it until 7/1...2014.."Catholic"=71 and so on...but 7/1 is 114 days before the 114th World series as well. 

In regards to Boston too, I remember making a video before I knew a lot about Gematria in regards to Season 11 Episode 4 of South Park being about Russians trying to get a bomb to Boston....later you find out it was a diversion for the British to Attack the US...They put a bomb in Hillary Clinton's vagina in this episode...
The reason I looked this up was because in my "Spotlight" post it was all about synchronicity with South Park's 87th episode about Catholic Priests molesting kids and my daughter Claire. 
South Park=114
Also the film Spotlight involves Bernard Francis Law who was born on 11/4. 

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