Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hurricane LANE and Frank LANE trading Rocky Colavito to Detroit

I almost forgot about this message from the other day. 
The guy who traded Rocky Colavito to Detroit was Frank LANE. 
Interesting we just got Hurricane LANE hitting Hawaii. 

Frank Lane=46
He dies 46 days after his bday. 
Notice he died on the 78th day of the year too. 
He also died 319 days before his bday on 3/19. 
Think about Prince Fielder announcing his retirement on Rocky Colavito's bday and the 319 HR's like his Father...

Hurricane Lane=78(rev red), 222(reverse)
Remember Cleveland in it's 222nd year this year and Rocky Colavito's bday on the 222nd day...

Another thing I just thought of though in regards to Boston is that Colavito turned 85 years old this year. 
Red Sox=85
Notice Frank Lane also died age 85. 

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