Friday, August 17, 2018

Internet disconnected when I was 6 minutes 24 seconds into watching the Blues Brothers

Earlier tonight I started watching the Blues Brothers and the internet disconnected. They must have been working on it as the router said no signal and the tv quit working as well. They do this sometimes late at night because they must assume no one is really on the internet this late...but of course I am....Anyway it didn't even matter as I had to leave and go pick up my girlfriends brother just after this. He got pulled over leaving work for having a muffler too low to the ground on his truck....yeah fucking bullshit excuse to pull someone over.....anyway he doesn't have a license(long story) and no it's not suspended, he has just never went and got one moral of the story I got home and the internet was working again. I was doing some additional research and then gonna lay down and try and watch this film. 
Of course when I to push play I realized when the internet went out and I stopped watching it was at 6:24 into the film....I mean what are the odds? 
Also on the way home I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was and my phone said it was 7:19am(I didn't get the screenshot in time). It wasn't 7:19am though it was actually only 2:19am, so my phone randomly changed the time 5 hours ahead. The other phones in the car said 2:19am as well, it was only my phone that had 719 on it...not sure the purpose but 719 is the 128th prime....
It's also interesting in regards to the Bluesmobile being an old Cop Car and he's getting his brother out of prison in the scene...then I have to go get my girlfriends brother from the Cop......also even stranger is that he came over here earlier today before he went to work to use Jasmine's cell phone. He just got the same internet service and the didn't send him the bill until after it was due...then he got a disconnection notice in the mail and wanted to figure out what was going on with how interesting my internet disconnects and then I have to go pick him up or else he's going to jail...

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