Monday, August 6, 2018

Bob Lemon in the film "The Winning Team"-Death of Grover Cleveland Alexander on 11/4

In the live stream with Sam earlier I was talking about Trump telling Lebron and Don Lemon they stupid...I mentioned how it was connected to Bob Lemon the Cleveland pitcher who won 2 games in the 1948 world series. Also I talked about Grover Cleveland dying on 624 and so on in connection to Rocky Colavito. 

Sam went on to tell me about a film Bob Lemon was in called "The Winning Team" and the main character is a guy named Grover Cleveland. 
I pointed out the film came out on 20/6...1952.
Earlier in the Live Stream I was pointing out the number 52 and it's connections to the tweet against Lebron and what not....
Also "Chicago Cubs"=206
Also I see now...."The Winning Team"=162=Major League Baseball and so on....

Anyway I was looking at the film a second ago and I see that the film is based on a baseball player that was named "Grover Cleveland Alexander. I didn't notice this before, I thought it was just about the president Grover Cleveland....
Anyway look at the day this baseball player died....
He died on 11/4. 
The 114th World Series and so on...

He also died 114 days before his birthday. 

He also got his nickname of "old pete" from a newspaper on 8/10? 
So exactly 4 years before Rocky Colavito's bday. 

The whole reason we looked at the film was because of Bob Lemon...
Notice he played "Jesse Haines"=114 in the film. 

Better yet...we did this live stream on 8/5 and notice Jesse Haines in real life died age 85 on 8/5? 
Pointing out that this year Rocky Colavito will turn 85 years old on 8/10 as well. 
Notice he died in 78' as well. Haines and Grover Cleveland Alexander both won the WS in 1926 over the Yankees.....Haines dies in 78' the year the Yankees won the WS with Bob Lemon coaching...
Bob Lemon=78
New York=78
He became the Yankees coach 78 days before teh 78' WS began. 

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