Friday, August 3, 2018

62 year old Joseph Pappas kills himself-Suspect in Houston Drive By Bicycle Shooting

Houston Texas=62
The guy was a 62 year old..
George Bush=62

The article kept telling us that Pappas told a Georgia woman that he had a terminal illness. 

They also say the possible motive was a 20 year old Grudge. 

The guys name makes me think of a few things as well. 

Pappas..Papas Fritas is French Fries...Papa Johns Johns that's been in the news lately as well. Just Papa in general and lately I've been mentioning the connections to my Father/Dad again...Also HW Bush being the Father...

This story also comes 53 days(end date) after HW's bday. 
George Bush=53
The shooting happened 5 weeks and 3 days after his bday. 

The shooting also happened 38 days after his bday...
Murder=38=Death and so on...
August 3rd...3/8 or 8/3 is a perfect date for this story. 

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